12th Feb 2012, 20:47

Just a little more update. I still have the 99 CRV. I had to repair the windshield wiper transmission. I welded it together, so the repair cost me nothing.

I used this car on a construction site all summer, and till the end of Jan 2012. I basically lived out of the car. It was filthy when I was done. I have cleaned it up now, and she runs and looks great. I have 160,000 on it now. Still very dependable. I also tow it behind my motor home. I pull it all day, and it starts right up and takes me where I need to go with cold AC and hot heat.

I have used it in the snow some over the years. The real time 4x4 works great. No complaints whatsoever. In fact, when it snows we head out to find something to do. The CRV goes well, and since it's light, it stops as good as anything else on the road. I told my wife that I'm gonna just keep this CRV for another 50,000 miles.

16th Jul 2012, 21:48

Just a continuation, should you be considering an older CRV. As I was driving the CRV today in the blistering heat, the radiator went. It split on the top cap, right at the cap. I added some water and drove it on home. It didn't overheat. I smelled antifreeze and pulled over to check it. I stopped by NAPA and picked up a new radiator and a gallon of antifreeze. The repair took about an hour and cost a total of $127.00 dollars.

The CRV is the easiest radiator to replace that I have done. Remove the top bolts, disconnect the top hose(s), remove the fans, disconnect the bottom hose and transmission lines, pull the radiator straight up. Installation is the opposite. Add 50/50 antifreeze and water and keep driving.

My wife wants to trade her Volvo, which is newer than the CRV. That's fine. I'm keeping my car.