2013 Honda CR-Z Base 1.5 IMA VTEC from North America


The perfect sports car for twisty mountain roads for those who can't afford a Porsche or a Lotus


TPMS light is on and has been since purchase. Tire pressure is perfect. Les Schwab was unable to fix the TPMS warning light having just adjusted the pressure to the correct weight. While the tire pressure warning is on, the traction control button will not function (I honestly don't really care, it doesn't affect anything).

General Comments:

What a beautiful fun car. I constantly have people driving dangerously waving their hands to have me roll down my window so they can ask what it is, how much, and where they can get one.

The whole VTEC scene gives mad love for this car; every tilted DC hat wearer will give a nod and a smile, or point you out from their modded Civics, Accords, and Preludes. Unmodified this car looks like a little space shuttle (which was the only description I gave to someone looking for my car in a crowded parking lot and was found easily).

Maintenance is cheap; it feels very involved with all of its settings and buttons that drastically change the feel of the drive. Sport+ is a gimmick, but it's certainly a super fun way to show off to friends. I have no problem using paddle shifters to drop a gear or two and pass someone; it's a very immediate car that responds incredibly quickly and accurately to most driver input (aside from go forwards really, really fast). It has such sharp fun handling; if you breathe on the steering wheel you've changed direction dramatically.

ALSO 40 MPG! It sips fuel, I drive a lot and I make 2 weeks on $20 on average.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2015

3rd May 2015, 17:31

Honda has worked hard on selling the CRZ to the public. But the sales are down to about 300 a month. Compare that to the number one passenger (not truck) car at least right now, the 2015 Toyota Camry at 40,000 cars sold a month in the USA. There is no doubt it looks like a fun little fuel efficient sporty car. Hopefully Honda corporation will support it and make investments in it to make it appeal to more people. But if sales don't improve for the CRZ and its sister car the Insight, I don't see it being around much longer.

5th May 2015, 16:49

The Insight was already canceled -- last year.

One thing that isn't helping the sales of the CR-Z is the design of the engine stop system. When the engine shuts off at a stop, so does the air conditioner (the blower keeps running, pushing non-cooled air). Lots of fun on a hot day sitting at a long train crossing, or in heavy traffic!

16th Dec 2016, 13:13

Unfortunately, not enough of the hand waving people managed to actually go purchase a CR-Z, as it is now history.

28th Feb 2017, 03:26

The VTEC scene still exists?

2011 Honda CR-Z GT 1.5 hybrid from UK and Ireland


Best car I ever had. Big, big head turner for a good price


Very good car, NO PROBLEMS!

Big head turner, sexiest coupe on the road by far; everyone compliments it, and everyone tells me they want one.

Cheaper than the Audi TT and Peugeot RC-Z.

General Comments:

Just buy one if you're looking for a coupe.

Reliability is excellent!

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Review Date: 8th March, 2014