1985 Honda CRX HF 1.5 Liter SOHC from North America


The pocket rocket


Cloth on the seat was worn down really badly (I put an after-market seat cover over it, which is quite comfortable. Comfortable enough to fall asleep on).

Front and rear bumpers seems like they are about to fall off (although, they never did).

Broke down (only) once on the road, because there was something wrong with the fuel filter (no problems after it was fixed).

Great acceleration, but hard to get high speed.

The handbrake was kinda weak. It makes that grinding noise when I park on a hill. And it makes it harder to drift, but not impossible.

General Comments:

I got my CRX in May of 2000 (weeks before my 16th birthday) from a family friend for about $1000. I babied that little red car ever since. I just absolutely love that car.

Doing some research from the Internet, I found out that this car has only 60-65hp. But it sure doesn't drive like a 60-65hp car. My guess is because that the car weighs barely a 1000lbs.

After owning the car for about a month, I started to bond with the car; Really knowing it, like a best friend. I had learn all the racing techniques possible for a FF manual car (some of these techniques include double clutching, heel-toe double clutching, drifting, peeling out, and all them other fun stuff. The CRX can really do more than you think). Then months later, I began to (sneak out late at night) take my baby up to extremely curvy mountain routes to race other late night racers. I had won everytime I had raced there. Measuring by speed, my car will probably not win them. But measuring by handling, it will, and it has. The CRX's ride, acceleration, and handling is truely unbelieveable. Size DOESN'T matter!

Besides racing on extremely curvy mountain routes, I had also drifted with this car. One of the most fun things to do with this car.

There wasn't really many major problems with my (now 16 year old) CRX. The engine runs great, probably because it was always well maintained. It's been using only 92 octane premium gas ever since the previous owner bought it. Some of my most cherished memories came from this car. I love this car, and I probably won't give it up until the day it breaks down.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2001

31st Jan 2002, 05:52

I feel exactly the same about my car the 1.6i 16v DOHC CRX (1st gen) and it's awesome, I drove mine hard for a whole year doing about 40 mile a day in it (I commute) before the engine gave up! And even though it's well hard to find another engine, I refuse to give the little car up!

Congrats on the racing wins, I absolutely creamed a Porsche 911 on some twisty roads before a straight opened up. Never been able get the damn thing to drift though, about 55mph round a roundabout and it just stuck to the road!



1985 Honda CRX from North America


Great fun cheap car!!!!


Parking brake freezes, more than once.

Gas leak, driver's side.

Gas tank got water in it... that created more headaches (my fault.. lost the gas cap, did not notice it was missing for a week).

Car gets great gas mileage during heavy spring rains in Ohio.

General Comments:

Great car till the end. Honda does it right.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2000

1985 Honda CRX HF 1.5 from North America


When you have a budget and you need a car, a CRX is the answer, no doubt


Since it is an 85 I've rebuilt the carb.

New evaporator, compressor and custom built lines for the A/C cause they are no longer made.


Right CV cause I had lowered the the car for a while.

Two fenders cause they're plastic and a paint job and 5% tint (illegal, oh well) and just normal stuff like oil changes.

General Comments:

I got the car in the summer of 99 from my uncle cause the dealer would not give him anything for the car cause it had no A/C so he gave it to me.

From there I have cherished it, it took me all the way through my senior year, every day it never skipped a beat. Mine does have a little lack of power especially when the A/C is on, but it is rare for an 85 CRX to have air conditioning.

It's a must on a low budget, it is incredible, I will keep her till she goes and with 98,000 original miles it'll be a while so I can save money and attend college.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2000

5th Oct 2005, 20:14

My Mother (God rest her soul) bought a new blue '85 CRX HF when she traded her unreliable '76 Scirocco for it. Being the spendthrift she was it didn't even have a radio in it let alone A/C. If I remenber right, the 1.5 (1488) HF engine produced 53 hp. and had only 1 compression ring. The transmission had different ratios than the other versions with third gear already being an overdrive. Fourth & fifth gear were even deeper overdrives. It would get 50+ mpg. and tach 2000 rpm at 60 mph. I tested the top speed of it one night. Leaving it in third gear, the car reached 111 mph (indicated). The engine was spinning somewhere around 5800 rpm & still pulling before I had to back off.