5th Jul 2002, 16:48

I own an 1985 Honda CRX and know the troubles of owning a first Generation CRX. After my purchase of the car I wanted to race it. It was at this time that the movie The FAST and The Furious came out and after watching it, my desire to do so became insatiable. So sprung off the Movie, Super Street magazine, and local racers, I began to add performance parts to my car. Starting with an Intake, exhaust, ect. (all "performance" parts for an '85 CRX were HARD to find.)

Soon I wanted more. More to the point that I had to get a second job to pay for everything I wanted. After a solid 6 months of hunting for Large performance parts I found it. A complete Body-Combat-Kit for my car was available to me over the Internet for $1,500. The price in which I bought my car. I jumped on it and other parts also.

I started racing homies in my neighborhood who are A lot richer then me and raced in 2001 Civics and Integras.

My first race was my CRX v.s. this guy's Integra and the race was down this 3 mile straight-away. Knowing there was no-way to win and no way to back out, I prepared to get smashed on. We were flagged to race and to my surprise I beat him off the line. We paced together until 3rd gear, when he started to pull on me. The next thing I know is the Integra was flying down the street and out of vision. I knew I had lost, but I kept it at 100 mph anyway. Suddenly, I see the Acura again! But he's not moving. He was parked on the side of the road about a 1/2 mile from the finish line. Smoke billowing from under his hood.

As it turned out, he was racing his car with Nitrous that he mis-installed himself. This ripped apart his engine to the point that he could not race anymore. I can say I'm probably the only Owner of an 1985 CRX that beat an Acura down a straight-away.

-Seattle WA.

28th Aug 2002, 23:46

I recently bought a 1985 Honda CRX Si, and I love the little car. But I have looked and looked for a body kit for this car, but I have found nothing. Also I would like to know what performance parts I should put on my car, and where I can find them. I thank anyone for their help.


20th May 2003, 14:22

Hey guys, I own an 85 CRX as well. It has an EW2 motor and it has 65 Hp, but boy can she haul... well she did haul. I am doing a transplant, I'm pulling out the EW2 and dropping in a D16A6 from an 89 Si CRX. For you guys that wanted to know what you can drop in to your CRX well this is the motor of choice. You can change the head and turn it into a ZC motor if you wanted to or you could spend the dough and buy a JDM ZC motor. But those are pretty heafty in price. If you guys want any more info just email me at blue_mustang88@hotmail.com and I will give you all the info of engine swaps for an 85 HF CRX.

16th Jun 2003, 21:27

Uhh... Hey, My name is Jesse. I recently bought an 85 CRX si 5 speed. I have to say that even after 192,000 miles, the engine still runs strong. Now this post is for all the guys who are searching for some performance out of these little junkers. First, for all the people on a limited budget (like myself). Don't bother with a full intake. A filter (K&N cone filter preferably) will suffice. $50-$60 should cover it. Just remove all the pre air box piping and air box. A small handsaw will be needed to remove one section of pipe. For your exhaust I would recommend a pacesetter header. Ebay is a great place for these. If your cat is still good, leave it. If not, you might pay as much as $130. If you're not worried about emissions, just hollow it out. Have a shop make you custom piping out of 2.25 inch pipe. Have it dump out the passenger side before the wheel (less pipe, less cost). Plus it makes the car a little cooler with it out the side. I have a Flowmaster muffler on mine (2.25 inches is the smallest inlet and outlet they come with). Gives it a nice throaty sound. OK, $200-$250 will cover all of the above. Unorthodox Racing makes underdrive pulleys (Crank & alternator). I have yet to get a hold of some, but I know they exist. Look online for them, you probably can get them for under $150. Webcam sells a regrind for it. I think it was a tad over $200. Will post more later.

23rd Jun 2005, 14:39

Hey fellas I got a 85 crx si 5 speed. all I want to know is where do find a body kit. do I have to custom make it from a 88 or what. please let me know. at c313m@yahoo.com thanks.

20th Jan 2007, 09:43

The reason your car gets great mileage is because it doesn't have all the safety features of today's car (and is therefore less heavy) and you have a smaller engine.

The Prius is a much heavier car and has a bigger over engine (gas + electric).

I wish technology would evolve where we could have decent engines, safety-laden cars, and high gas mileage.

BTW, I just saw that Honda may be bringing the CRX back as a, get this, hybrid sports car. The pictures I saw looked amazing and if they can truly keep the spirit of the CRX while delivering 60 mpg real world mileage I'll be the first in line.

21st Jan 2007, 12:13

Great to hear that Honda may be bring a Hybrid sports car.

85 Honda CRX HF

I guess if the demand is there, why not.

I'm all for having a more safe car than this 85 CRX no matter how good the mileage. It really is a special car to me, something in mint condition able to reach 300,000 miles

Imagine how many times over you could pay for this cars original price with the gas savings in 300,000 miles.

Just having a piece of history that is this efficient, still working and so few people having them anymore is cool.

Going to keep enjoying the youthful experience driving it.

4th Feb 2008, 22:01

I own a 1986 CRX Si, I have never found another car like it.

I was wondering if anybody knew of some body kits for this year. I can't find a single one. If anyone has anything please email me at b-rite-back@hotmail.com.

22nd Jun 2008, 13:39

I suppose the makers of the completely bogus ' (not so) Smart Car" never heard about the good old Honda CRX HF (or similar models). What a bunch of hype. And they're charging $99 for a RESERVATION to own one! I owned a CRX for years and commuted 150 miles daily. Put 250 thousand miles on it. I long for its needed return!

12th Dec 2008, 22:28

Hello fellow CRX lovers. I own a white, 87 CRX DX, manual, blue interior with 103,000 original miles. My family purchased this car in 1987 (2nd owners, and I am the 3rd). I have owned this car for 1 and a half years and she is fantastic. Good gas mileage (lower during the winter, due to long warm up periods I assume). These cars are fun incarnate on wheels, and easy to park too! The most exhilarating experience with these little "pocket rockets" is taking them along back roads and especially twisting mountain roads.

I have recently purchased a white, 85 CRX DX, manual, blue interior with 130,000 original miles for $400 bucks! No DMV fees, new wheels, perfect body and paint, and a sparkling interior...so, "What's the deal?" you ask. Well I'll tell you that the previous owner ran the thing without oil or something! I knew this when purchasing the vehicle because he told me and the car knocked something fierce. But still, it's (she's) a CRX I had to have her.

So I towed her home, dropped the exhaust, oil pan, oil pick up tube and main bearing cap assembly only to find (duh-duh-duh-dun) hand fulls of metal shavings, missing rod bearings (hence the shavings) and a mutilated crank shaft! I would like to install an oil pump and OEM crank, rods, caps and bearings or preferably another OEM engine. Replacing the damaged parts is looking to be $500-700 (not from a junk yard). The current engine, if repaired could harbor metal shavings that may block oil passages and could potentially cause another wrecked engine.

Any ideas on how/where to acquire another OEM engine? Or is this futile and I should figure out some sort of acura engine swap? Also, I have an 88 CRX DX engine, but I heard that these cannot bolt up to the 1st gen tranny and therefore is not a valid engine swap. I am making a day of hitting Pick-N-Pull stores around Contra Costa County tomorrow (wish me luck).

HELP and/or COMMENTS are welcome? Email me at Ranchmanosteel@aol.com :)