1993 Honda CRX V-Tec 1.6 VTEC from UK and Ireland


Would own one again if the right car came along


Engine would not turn over on occasion.

I found the handling very difficult, at all times both hands must be on the wheel or the car severely wanders over the road. (My model was lowered with 17" low profile alloy wheels, this could have been something to do with that)

Every bump or hole in the road could be felt.

The manual roof would leak allowing water to seep in at a slow pace.

General Comments:

The model I had (Import) was very quick and very sporty.

The adjustable steering wheel was a favorable point.

The power in the car after 4,1/2 thousand revs was tremendous, it was like another engine coming in.

The gear box was very smooth throughout the gears.

Car is forward wheel drive as opposed Toyota MR2 (Mid-rear)

Lights on this vehicle should have been pop ups in my opinion.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2005

1993 Honda CRX esi 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Why is it not viewed as a classic?


Tha only fault is a slight drip,in extreme wet weather from the seal in the corner of the side window and the removable roof.

General Comments:

This is the only car I have ever owned which fills me with joy every time I return to it.

My children no longer need a taxi service and the car is purely for my own enjoyment.

I love the feeling of control that the car gives me.

I love the look of the car and the fact that it is sporty both in looks and performance, it is always exciting to pass another CRX. I have not met a CRX owner who does not love their car.

Possibly a woman`s viewpoint: but it is brilliant to find a sports car that has enough boot space to take all the luggage you will need for a long holiday!!

I apologize that this is not a technical review, but it is a review from the heart. It is from someone who has never before understood that a car could be anything else, but a mode of transport to get from A to B. I now understand that you can feel something for a small, green tin box on wheels!!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2003

10th Dec 2003, 07:44

This is the true measure of a real classic car, It's a car that you want to drive just for the sheer pleasure it brings.

1st Aug 2004, 14:51

I have owned 3 Crx's, two of which were stolen and one which was demolished by a hit and run driver last week. I love the car so much I am willing to risk a fourth, if I can find a decent one, which has been lovingly cared for as I cared and looked after all mine. I know it is only a car I am referring to, but, as the previous female owner wrote it is more than just a car. Can anyone help, I live in north london, and today is 1st August,2004.

24th Nov 2004, 10:43

OMG I would just die if my lil blue CRX got stolen! When I'm parked and people walk past and touch it I start ranting and raving enough! I got mine in Burnt Oak, they might have some in I've seen a couple there when I drive by.

4th Feb 2005, 15:51

Mine's a glowing racing red and I love it. The joy of driving with the top off never goes and it is cosy and watertight through the cold winter months. Wonderful!

28th May 2011, 13:43

Hi there.

Everybody must admit that it's more than a car. It makes me feel like a 3 year-old boy who has a constant love with his beloved toy. Mine is blue too, despite the fact that here in my country, spares for old Honda's are extremely rare. I still want to keep this car to the last day of my/its life.

Technically speaking, the car is of extremely high build quality compared to french cars that are wide spread here. The interior is sporty and perfectly designed, ultimate control and power compared to my previous car (Renault 21), which had a 2.1 diesel engine. When I go over 150 KM/H, I don't fear any failure, but in the Renault at the speed of 140 KM/H, it becomes dreadful really.

Thanks, and long life to all of your Hondas.

4th Oct 2014, 20:12

I have had my 1993 CRX from new, & every time I take it to Honda for a service, either a member of the sales or service teams asks if I will sell it. The last offer of $11,000 was last week. It is in showroom condition & has done 110000k.