9th Oct 2007, 03:11

CRX VTEC with few mods, manifold, air intake, full exhaust system = a 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds.

Astra VXR = 0-60 time of 6.2 seconds.

I'll let you work out the difference.

9th Oct 2007, 14:30

"CRX VTEC with few mods, manifold, air intake, full exhaust system = a 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds"

The CRX VTEC has 160bhp and has a 0-60 time of 7.9 seconds

P.s. those mods wouldn't make any difference, they'd just make it a lot louder. They would never ever take the 0-60 time down to 6.5.

10th Oct 2007, 02:44

A standard mark 2 CRX would hit 60 in 7.0 seconds; just ask any CRX vtec owners. And it's the b16a1 which is 150bhp, get your facts right.

10th Oct 2007, 09:15

Well there you go then 150bhp probably even slower. Why is it that all these Honda boys think that v-tec engines are faster than what the book says? It's the same thing with the 1.6 Civic VTi. Boy racers thinking they can do 0-60 in less than 7 seconds.

10th Oct 2007, 16:47

I've posted something similar elsewhere, but there's a little calculation that you can use to help you get a very rough idea of the 0-60 time, given the kerb weight and the horsepower. It works pretty well some of the time, but it's certainly nowhere near 100 percent accurate by any means. There are just too many variables at play to reliably predict a car's performance so easily, so I suppose its main value is more for entertainment.

Anyway, the calculation: Take the kerb weight (in pounds) divide by 2 and divide again by the horsepower. The result is a rough idea of the 0-60 time.

Good luck and take care.


11th Oct 2007, 08:49

These cars get to 8000rpm as quick as a normal car gets to 4000rpm, its like a motorbike on 4 wheels, I've time mine, 60 comes up in 6.9 seconds, keeps up with much bigger cars with bigger engines.

11th Oct 2007, 12:00

I own a Civic VTi, and when I time 0-60 I get 7.8.

I wish the rest of you would stop exaggerating the car's power; cars like the CRX and the Civic VTi are classic cars and you are ruining their reputation by giving 0-60 times that obviously aren't true. Just accept these cars for what they are, which is reliable classics that are quick by today's standards. It's the same thing with the 106 GTi (which I now hate) because people lie about the cars speed; it's annoying. I can tell that the CRX and the VTi are going the same way by some of the comments that are being left on here.

Another example is the Saxo VTR; everyone that owns a VTR thinks they're invincible and lies about its speed, and because of this people hate it. I don't want my car going down that road because I love it, so please stop exaggerating its speed; you're not going to convince anyone so stop doing it. After all, 0-60 in around 7.7 is hardly bad, and when they first came out they were class leading, so just accept it. If you think it's faster then fine, but keep it to yourself because you're turning everyone against our brilliant cars.

11th Oct 2007, 14:41

I agree with the comment above, but I'm sure the CRX gets to 60 quicker than 7.7. I used to have one and it used to beat cav gsi's easily, and they are supposed to get to 60 in 7.5 seconds. I think it all depends on the driver, and on gear changes.