1992 Honda del Sol Si 1.5 single cam VTEC from North America


Fun car, although most people beat them up


Heads warped.

Horrible seat tears.

Wasted more oil and water than actual gas.

Blown motor.

Zero get up and go power.

General Comments:

Even with all its faults, it was still a wonderful car. The trunk is big, and perfect for the roof. It really did have an open top feel to it. Makes you feel young and free for a cheap price.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2012

1992 Honda del Sol SIR 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Highly addictive and very fun


Only serious problem was when my clutch hydraulics failed. Turns out the hose has burst. Not sure if the master cylinder really needed changing, as I had to go and investigate again after that fix up, because problem continued. I changed the clutch while I was at it anyway.

One of the seals leaked a bit of oil on the side of the engine. Easy fix.

3rd gear started crunching at high revs.

The automatic roof got stuck at some point. It was tightened up too much by the service team, and it needed loosening up. Only needed a screwdriver for that.

The seat started to wear a bit.

Other problems were self inflicted or passengers not careful enough. Easy fixes though, nothing to do with the car itself.

General Comments:

This was my first manual transmission vehicle, so I learnt how to use it quickly. I got the car off a guy who stripped it to bits and cleaned it all up. It was absolutely stunning, inside and out.

Standard tyres and wheels are just not enough for it. Had to put in new 15" Mugen wheels with some decent rubber. Also had an intake installed.

1. Comfort

It was a little tight sometimes, and the seats could have been more comfy. However I found that all those little compartments were very helpful, and all controls were easy to reach. My friend was quite solid build of 184cm, and he found it to be roomy enough and never complained.

2. Economy/value/Maintenance

No complaints. I sold it over 1 year later with only $100 less than the price I got it for, but only because I gave the man a discount because I thought he was a cool dude. Consumption was at best 6 litres/100km, but I am never doing that again. It was boring drive. Usually around 7. Parts and everything to maintain were everywhere, and not expensive compared to other vehicles.

3. Road handling

Does what you want it to do. A little overweight, but the steering was precise, and the entire steering system was flawless. Also the overall handling is to envy. You can definitely keep up with other cars with greater names around corners.

4. Performance

I had the top of the range 170bhp Myiagi limited edition with a different exhaust. It was not coming alive until after 6000rpm, but it was going. Faced a few other cars in races with Mazda Familia Turbo, Honda Prelude Type S, Toyota Altezza, and I left the place with my head up high. It was competing with all of them under acceleration, braking and handling.

The car pretty much was maintained by the book. I had it serviced every 5000km's, and it showed because it was just as good after a year of stupid teen learning to drive a manual and racing it. It looked just as good, and it was just as solid as day 1.

To tackle the subject of roof leaking and squeaking. I only had one leak ever, when in torrential rain, I stopped short in a gas station to wait for the other car to move, and the entire water from roof was landing on the top corner of my window... obviously had a small leak. Roof was not rattling too much. It was the odd squeak, but not as bad as other del Sols. BUT IT WAS MAKING A BIT OF NOISE.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2011