1995 Honda del Sol DOHC Vtec from North America


Great car, and will buy again


Nothing much.

General Comments:

This is a very good and reliable car to own. I owned it when it has only 20,000 miles on it, and now it has 210,000 and could go to 300,000 miles easy.

The car is fun to drive as well, and the cargo space in the truck is amazing when compared with other similar roadsters.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2009

1995 Honda del Sol Si 1.6L gas from North America


Best Honda ever


Brake pads at 74000 miles.

Oil change every 4000 miles.

02 sensor changed at 72000 miles.

General Comments:

The best car I ever had.

After I sold my Nissan, I wanted to buy a convertible that had power, looks and style. I shortlisted my choices to BMW Z3, Merc SLK and Nissan 350z. I had already test drove a used Z3 and finalised a deal for $18000 (hadn't paid the money yet).

Next day I saw a del sol on the road for sale for only $6500. It had only 70k miles on it. I test drove the del sol and was quite impressed, and just bought it.

I put 10000 miles on it with no problems at all. Very reliable.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2008

1995 Honda del Sol 1.6 DOHC b16a Vtec from Australia and New Zealand


Wow!!! The most thrilling car I have driven!


The car makes an odd humming sound for a few seconds after I turn her on.

The boot leaks.

Slight wind noise from the doors.

The roof rattles.

The aerial broke off.

General Comments:

So much power for such a small car.

The car is seriously comfortable and handles the part.

The blast of the Vtec is unbelievable.

I have not driven another car that compares.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2007

23rd Jul 2009, 22:01

My 1995 Honda del Sol is great. It has 185000 miles on it, no leaks, runs perfect and still gets 40 miles to the gallon. It's black and a 5 speed, A/C blows cold, roof off and it's a cool car. Will always keep it. Honda did a great job on this car.

Stephen from Atlanta Ga.

1995 Honda del Sol S 1.5L non-vtec from North America


Small car big SOL


I've only have to replace a few things since I've owned the car.

1. The master cylinder was going, so I replaced that myself; it was about $60 from the local auto parts store.

2. The CV axle went on me in the 5 o'clock traffic; that sucked and ran me about $120.

3. The CV axles boot had went again, so I had them replaced yet again along with new tires; that was around $500 (I bought sport tires).

4. The last thing I've had to replace was the battery.

My project will be replacing the rubber around the roof, because like all convertibles, it does leak water when it rains, but it's only a few drops here or there.

General Comments:

I own a 1995 Honda Del sol S. It has a 1.5L 4 cylinder with the 5-speed transmission.


I love the way the Honda Civic del Sol (CRX) looks. I think Honda really did well when they brought out the del Sol (CRX). I think it has one of the sportiest looks for a Honda from its time. My car is 12 years old now and it still turns heads when I drive down to the beach or just sit in traffic. Like I said, I own a del Sol S, so it didn't come with much for looks, but the optional trunk spoiler and up graded rims look great. It has a low stance and mean look. I wouldn't trade my car for the world.


The interior is beautiful in the del Sol. The seats hug while you pull tight turns like you would not believe for being stock from the factory.

The lighting is not all that great, but it does do the job; if you need more light, there are a few options...

1. there are map lights that you can buy and install for cheap; maybe around $120. Now keep in mind these are not an option for the American model Civic del Sol, so $120 might sound like a lot for some added light, but it does give your car a JDM (japanese domestic market = JDM) look, and when people see things like that it really raises hype for your car.

Or option 2. just take the top off; once again living in America we don't get the option where the top comes off and is taken into the trunk by the car. We in America so have to unlock the top, lift it up and put it in the trunk, but it's really not that bad.

Behind the seats you have two small compartments where you can store items... I love this option with the del Sol because they really help keep your car looking clean, and I am a very messy person.


Now once again, let me remind you I do own the base model del Sol, so it only has a 1.5 SOHC non-vtec, so it is by no means a race car, and if you're thinking about buying a del Sol for performance, the 1.5 is not a good option.

BUT.. the 1.5 is also not the worst. My car does have some performance parts on it, so it is a little faster than a stock del Sol, and I have won a few races, but it's no Lamborghini.

There are other options out there for the del Sol though.. there is the del Sol Si which has a 1.6L SOHC v-tec that will give you a little more get up and go for your buck, or you can buy the del Sol Si vtec, which has the motor that just about every Honda lover wants; a 1.6L DOHC v-tec. This is one of, if not the best motor produced by Honda so far. It put out just around 160 horse power, which will throw you back in your seat like you would not expect.


The handling is great on these little cars. Even with the stock 13" tires, you get really good cornering ability and agility. I've taken my del Sol on a frequent road trips here or there; nothing big; and when on the highway it rides like a dream. And the suspension is pretty stiff, so you really don't feel that much in the road.

-Quick Notes-

The del Sol looks mean and handles well

Unless you buy a del Sol with a 1.6 SOHC or bigger, you're not really having fun in a del Sol.

There are tons of upgrades for the Civic del Sol, and lots of options. If you just want to keep it stock, buy upgrades just a little bit

The roof will most likely leak just because it is a convertible.

Keep in mind it is a Honda. If you take care of it, it will last you a long time (NOW I'M NOT SAYING EVERY HONDA EVER MADE BECAUSE THERE ARE LEMONS OUT THERE)

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2007