2005 Honda Element LX from North America


Fun car, but not good for families with young children


The only problem is the upholstery on the drivers seat has started to crack on the left side. According to the dealer, using the wrong cleaner caused it.

General Comments:

This is a GREAT car for an adventurous person or couple. I love how you can open the doors wide, reconfigure the seats to meet your needs (they can even make a bed!), and the fact it has a tail gate.

On the other hand, DO NOT buy this car if you have young children! It is nearly impossible to comfortably put a rear facing child into his or her car seat. I have had to lift my baby and toddler up and over the back of their car seats. It is very tricky. Also, keep in mind there are only 2 seats in the back, so if your kids are back there, no one else can ride in the back. Before we had the kids, we both thought the back seat was pretty uncomfortable to ride in.

Beware the upper center door latch! I have banged my head on this more times than I care to count. There is a square metal piece sticking out that the doors latch on to.

This has been a very reliable car, it handles well and has an incredible turning radius. It can be loud on the highway. We have not had the windshield problems others have talked about.

We are looking for a mini van now since the Element no longer meets our needs, but I will miss it. Lots of fun to drive!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2010

2005 Honda Element EX from North America


Great alternative to a gas hogging SUV


Absolutely nothing has malfunctioned with this car.

General Comments:

My wife bought this car to tote the grand baby and groceries around town. She loves it and drives it round trip to work almost 100 miles a day. I've driven it a few times and it is impressively quick to accelerate.

A lot of comments have been given to excessive tire wear. We faithfully have them rotated with every 2nd or 3rd oil change. We are coming up on 70, 000 miles and thinking about buying replacement tires for the OEMs.

She loves the vehicle. You know the saying "If momma ain't happy, nobody is happy." I'm very pleased.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2008

2005 Honda Element EX 2.4L from North America


A lemon from an overrated company, very over priced as well


Battery died within 2 weeks.

Engine valve cover leaked.

It has starting problems, sounds like the starter, but the dealer can't verify it so he won't replace any parts. Still unresolved 3 years later.

The clutch freezes up at -20c,cold yes, but this is Canada so I leave it at home at that temperature and drive the wife's Corolla. Again the dealer can't find the problem, so he won't replace anything.

Rear brakes, new pads rotors calipers X2 in an effort to get rid of rattling and grinding sounds... noise is still there.

Rear knuckles seized up making a loud creak in the suspension. The dealer replaced the knuckles and in the process found the rear bearings were worn out, so he replaced those too... as well as the rear ABS sensors.

A pillar rattle.. I fixed it myself.

Rear doors rattle... I fixed it myself.

Rear hatch made a clunking sound... I fixed it myself.

Dashboard rattle... on the to do list.

The dealer replaced the large rear panel on the side of the cargo area in attempt to get rid of a popping sound... the noise has returned.

General Comments:

All this with 26000 km, coupled with the poor service and response from Honda Canada; it usually takes 3 visits to the dealer to get one thing repaired... if the repair even works is another question.

What a major disappointment, this was my first Honda and my last. It's now for sale as the warranty is coming to an end. I think I'll replace it with a Ford.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2008

14th Jul 2016, 22:58

It's hard to believe your problems on the Element, and I would suspect the vehicle was perhaps a write off and this was hidden by the dealer upon purchase. As you can see by other reviews and smiley faces, this is a great vehicle with proven Honda Accord running gear. With all that's occurred I'm surprised your dealer hasn't been there for you... bad Honda! Time to write to Honda Canada and voice your concerns!