2009 Honda Element LX 2.4L inline 4 from North America


For the young, middle aged folks find something more comfortable. Great vehicle, lacking comfort


Brand new tire blew at 200 miles.

3 year/36,000 mile free service plan, fine print says ONLY at the dealership you buy the car from. I bought in FL, drove to Boston, had to get the car serviced or VOID the warranty... They charged me almost as much as a full service.

General Comments:

This is supposed to be a practical small SUV. This little car, small 4 cylinder is wicked quick and runs very well on the top end. In the city, it has very fast take off when needed. On the highway, USE THE CRUISE CONTROL or you will get in trouble! It is not just me, my bride had the same issue; the Element runs so smooth that you don't realize you are speeding.

The only model available when shopping was the LX. Honda is famous for comfort, so we bought it anyway. BIG MISTAKE... Pay the extra money either to replace the seats or get the EX. Driving this vehicle with NO armrests is horrible. This one small oversight makes the Element almost unbearable for long trips.

Fuel economy for this vehicles is terrible, considering the technology which I as a consumer think is available. Our last vehicle was a 1989 Ford Bronco II and it got 22 MPG. 2009 Honda Element LX was the same...

Fold-up seats are good for cargo; I find myself removing them more than folding them up. One of the cool features is the all rubber floor (hose it out, rather than vacuum)... Also if you have a DOG or CAT, get the pet friendly version (dog paw print on the front quarterpanel); comes with a dog box locked down and a water bowl you lock down, as well as an air conditioning vent specifically for fido.

Although we have only had the car for a year, we are forced to get rid of it. My mother-in-law moved in with us. Although she went for the test drive and gave thumbs up for comfort, it is near impossible for her to get in and out of the back seat (suicide doors).

Also NOTE, opening suicide back doors is rough if parking is tight, which makes getting in and out hard even for flexible people. If you are YOUNG and BENDY, buy this SUV, you will love it. Older folks steer away.

Oh the finance guy talked us into a 100k warranty, which I feel may be a complete waste of money. FURTHER NOTE; when buying a car, and they "give you" that maintenance package for the first 3 years, make sure you can take it to ANY dealership for NO COST; not the case for us.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2010

31st Mar 2018, 16:08

As it's new, your gas mileage should improve with age. It is a big square vehicle though with only a 4 banger.

7th Feb 2019, 11:34

They lied to you. ALL Honda dealership service centers must honor the Honda 3/36k warranty - it's the law. Now in the case of "free service" AKA oil changes - that may have been restricted. Also, you can have your car serviced at any mechanic shop and it won't void your warranty (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975). Read up on the act and see what it entails.