2nd Apr 2010, 10:42

Great comments here!

I have an 05' EX AWD 5MT... I'm wondering if the Bridgestone Dueler H/T that came with my vehicle were in response to the terrible Goodyears? When I purchased the vehicle, it looked like the front two tires were newer than the rears.

Purchased at 64k and now am at 99k (35k miles later) and all four tires are just about at the end of their lives... I must say the Dueler H/T are harsh on ears, but did very well in the 2010 Pittsburgh Snow. They do tend to slip / hydroplane in the rain (when the tread is as low as it is), so be careful.

2nd Apr 2010, 12:15

I have a 2003 Element that I have had for 7 years as of today.

Purchased brand new with only 36 miles. Replaced the tires at 57,000 miles. Now have 110,800 miles, and the second set of tires is doing just fine.

Brakes are also still good.

All in all, I am pleased with my Element, and expect to get at least 300,000 miles from it.

Love it very much! My favourite vehicle I have ever owned.

I have one with a 5 speed manual, and it is also loads of fun to drive.

8th Apr 2010, 10:15

Please, if you are telling us how great your tires are doing, please, please share the type of tires that are working so well for you. Obviously many of us desperately need to know.

18th Jun 2010, 00:44

2003 Element EX.

5-speed 2WD bought with 78K, now 102K - love this car! Have pictures on my Facebook account of a Kubota 1560 riding mower in the back, hatch closed. Drove it 150 miles home with the mower hood for an armrest - got a lot of strange looks...

Only one word of warning - when I bought it, it had a blue "instant oil change" filter on. And I mean that filter was *ON*. Literally tore the filter in half trying to remove it, and because there is very little clearance around the filter, I had to remove the right front tire and take a chisel to the remains of the filter.

As for tires, it had some mid-grade Firestone's on when purchased, no uneven wear, but 3/4 the way to wear bars showing, and one went out-of-round. Replaced with Yokohama Geolanders - quiet, grippy, and not too expensive. Time will tell on tread life, but I'm happy now.

Finally - turns out that the Acura TSX 6th speed gear slides right into the Element transmission, $147 for a kit including the shift gate adapter, and the tach should read 3000 rpm at 75 instead of 3750 rpm. I'm hoping to break 30MPG with the mod.

5th Jul 2010, 18:30

I purchased a new 2007 Element EX.

I have had no problems with it whatsoever, except for outside wear on the Wranglers that came on it, which now have 43k miles on them and will soon need replacing. I keep the front and rear tires inflated monthly at 33/35 PSI respectively as per the MFR's recommendations.

With the rear seats removed and keeping the RPMs under 3000 (which means turning off cruise control when climbing a steep hill), I get about 31 MPG on highways in a noisy, but otherwise delightful, 4 cylinder AWD minivan that is cavernous on the inside! Pay attention to how much extra weight in the form of "stuff" in the rear that you may be needlessly hauling.

Look at how many other car manufacturers are now trying to copy the E!

21st Oct 2010, 19:39

I purchased a 2003 Element brand new. The OEM tires were Goodyear Wrangler HPs. I got 84,000 miles on them. I replaced them with Cooper tires, which were slightly noisier, but also lasted 80,000 + miles.

I pay attention to air pressure. Check air pressure every other week. I tend to keep air pressure slightly higher then recommended. I don't drive cautiously or slowly, but I do drive sensibly.

I just sold my 2003 Element and bought a 2010. Love this car, and will be very disappointed if they stop making it. Hoping the tires on this Element last as long as my other ones!

30th Nov 2010, 23:43

I have a 2003 Element EX with 83k miles, and I love this car! I have had some issues, but so have my friends who bought other new autos (various makes and models).

Some issues that bother me are some noted previously such as: Windshield is way too fragile and breaks (I am on my third one, and Honda did not pick up the tab on any), tires do wear quite a bit, but unevenly, plastic handle on rear door keeps popping off, and the suspension makes a clicking sound.

I have used the standard tires recommended in the owner's manual, and after reading other reviews, will check the tire pressure more and increase it.

But in all, it has been a great car! I am on freeways, stop go traffic and lights, I make lots of u-turns and the radius is awesome! My 16 year old cannot wait till it is hers, and is begging me not to get rid of it.

23rd Sep 2011, 15:19

We only got 33K miles on the original tires on our '04, but got 70K on Michelin LTX2's. Just ordered a second set of the same tire. They are a little pricey, but clearly worth it!

26th Sep 2011, 16:11

The tires that I got for my Element at 57K miles, and that still are good at 134.5K miles, are B.F. Goodrich Long Trail T/A.

My Element seems to really like these tires. Maybe I just had good luck with this set that I bought?

7th Nov 2012, 14:36

I own, and bought a Honda Element in '03. I have 105,200 miles on it and am now putting on my 4th, yes, fourth set of tires. I have never bought cheap tires, and still have gotten only about 20-22,000 miles per set. I think this is unheard of, and have never received any satisfaction from the dealership. Yesterday I called Honda's national office, and they claim to never have heard of this problem, and suggest only that I get a second opinion from another dealer. I love this vehicle like no other I've owned, but four sets of tires and $500+ a pop is excessive. I am thoroughly disgusted with Honda's lack of attention to this problem.