3rd Mar 2005, 19:56

I am on windshield number 6 for my 2003 Element. The dealer says they know there is a problem, but Honda Inc. will not admit it. It will be my last Honda.

26th Mar 2005, 08:10

Yesterday, my husband and I test drove a 2005 Element and we were VERY impressed. We had gone to the dealership (central IN) to test drive and probably purchase a 2005 CRV and just for the heck-of-it tried the Element first.

We had decided today to purchase the Element- thankfully, I found this website before we went back.

I do not have the time or patience to be constantly replacing or fixing a windshield. For my job, I am on the road every day- driving all over Indiana- and have to drive my own vehicle- so, I was looking for roominess/ comfort, style, gas mileage, etc.

Reading all of these comments really opened my eyes to the HUGE problem about the Element windshield- now, I'm wondering about the Honda product as a whole?- THANK YOU!

5th May 2005, 08:50

I purchased a used 2003 Honda Element in March of this year (2005) Before purchase I called a family friend who owned the same model for his review. He too loved the Element and advised the only problem he had experienced was a cracked Windshield. He advised that it was addressed by Honda and they did in fact cover the repair. Yesterday I saw a 8 inch crack starting at the bottom right of my windshield running across, just as he described. I can only hope that I will get the same service from Honda. I plan on taking these comments with me to the dealer. This many reports cannot be ignored. I'll post again once I talk to my dealer.

7th May 2005, 08:06

I purchased a 2004 Element in July of 2004. In December, I experienced my first broken windshield which the dealer promptly took out there ball point pen to find the chip. I called Honda customer service and after a few weeks I had the windshield replaced as "Good Will". In beginning of April, I got my second broken windshield. After being informed of this problem from websites like this one and others, I decided to trade in the Element and bought a 2005 Civic. Better gas mileage, but it is much smaller. Still, I think its better than paying $1000 a year in broken windshields. I also had a 2002 Accord, which I had absolutely no problem with.

13th Aug 2005, 17:06

If you get a small chip or crack in your windshield, auto glass companies can fill it with some clear substance to keep the crack from spreading. Just do it right away before a crack does spread. Although there will be a little distortion in the repaired area, it shouldn't be enough to justify a several hundred dollar windshield replacement.

17th Aug 2005, 12:24

I just got a call from the wife. Her Element's windshield was fine when she dropped the kids off at school, but when she got back into the car the windshield had a large crack down the middle. It's been very hot here in Florida the last few days so I think it's the heat. Time to call the dealer.

This was my first Honda and if they don't fix the problem it will be my last. It's got about 28k miles and has given us no problems to date, but I will not replace the windshield on a vehicle that clearly has a problem.


18th Feb 2006, 23:50

I have owned an element since 2004 and have NOT experienced any cracks in the windshield. Due to the nature of the slope of the windshield, it makes sense that rocks will hit it due to the air stream. I just usually try and be a little more careful when I see a dump truck or gravel truck. I owned a Jeep Cherokee prior to this vehicle and replaced four windshields so the problem is not just with the Element, but any vehicle with a more vertical type of windshield.

24th May 2006, 21:57

Hi Elementees-

My husband and I bought our Element in 2004 (a 2003 model). We had to replace our windshield in November after a rock chip that soon became a full windshield crack. The rock chip happened the first year we had it, but we failed to replace it quickly. We had it fixed only to reach December and a NEW crack! There is a definite problem here.

We have not yet replaced our windshield because we don't have the money to be continually replacing it.

We loved the idea of an Element as our family car since we are non-mini-van people- but this has been a little too much.

Has anyone had the problem where their driver's side door lock no longer works? We can't unlock or lock the door from the outside of the driver's side! We have to key open the door from the passenger's side and then reach over inside the car and unlock all the doors! UGH!

I'll tell you though- it is a hard car to give up. I can pile both of the kids and all of our gear into it and still have room.

15th Jul 2006, 22:49

I had my 2004 Element 10 days, when while following a large dual wheeled pickup truck--- POW! I saw it coming, a large piece of gravel struck my windshield just under the drivers side wiper blade. It left a whitish, crusty crater, also about the size of a ballpoint pen tip. 2 months later- POW! did not see this one coming, it made the crater and 2 small cracks radiating from the crater, looks like a tiny bird is flying in the left edge of the windshield at that impact point. I also found a chip in the paint, right on the front edge of the hood, no doubt another stone. I have not replaced the windshield, even tho my state's insurance covers them 100%.

I have a few sound theories about windshields and rocks--- you are much more likely to be hit after a heavy rain- the stones that collect along the shoulders of the road and along the curbs get washed out into the road, where it is much more likely to be cast up by wheels of other cars. Also, the grooves on modern tires are much wider than they used to be. This is so they can funnel more water out from underneath themselves where the tread contacts the road, lessening the chance of hydroplaning, a definite plus. The larger grooves also trap larger stones, which cause more damage when flung off of the tire by inertia and strike something, like your windshield. Windshield glass is also thinner than it used to be, and so are side glasses and rear glasses. Primarily they are thinner to save weight which translates into better fuel economy.

23rd Jul 2006, 09:58

My 2003 (only have 21k miles on it) windshield cracked from top to bottom yesterday for no reason - I didn't notice any rocks hitting or anything.

The passenger side door lock has always been stubborn, and now the drivers side is next to impossible to get in. Sometimes I have to crawl in from the back (!) and open the door from inside.

I love the car for it's utility space, great sound system, and all wheel drive/ anti lock brakes etc.. But, I almost drove into some pedestrians one day because of the blind spot from huge front pillar (s). I added some stick on mirror thingie's 'cause I never feel like I can see other cars on my left corner. Weird - I use to have a Civic Wagon and avoided potential accidents a few times because of the great visibility, but that car was a slug compared to the Element and it's V-tech 4 banger.

I'm 6-2 and love the roominess and headroom - I thought it was the ugliest car I'd ever seen when checking it out for the first time, but the interior sold me (I haul a lot of musical equipment around).

Now the outside doesn't look so bad at all - there's a lot of other ugly cars out there now that draw attention away from the Element I guess. (Scion, Aztec, The Mercedes SUV, the new Toyota Suv - NOW THAT'S UGLY!)