23rd May 2007, 07:25

You're obviously slanted toward the motor city... Honda employs over 40,000 Ohioans sir or ma am. Toyota has large operations in Indiana, Kentucky, California, etc... they just don't pay 60,000 dollars to screw on trim pieces anymore these days... we should think about more things than just cars and Detroit.

23rd May 2007, 09:35

The American auto makers employ 8/10 automakers in the US, even after recent cuts. Foreign auto makers also won't allow unions and don't pay as well.

25th May 2007, 12:21

If the Japanese companies had UAW for their employees, they wouldn't be making as much profit.

And now the American companies are trying to get rid of the UAW (paying employees a lot less). So basically people buy Jappanese cars so they can save a little bit of money, but the main thing it's doing is giving more money to the rich because 10% of Americans having 90% of America's money isn't enough. We'd rather change it to 99% owned by 1%. That way we can increase the homeless population. Maybe we can develop a caste system.

GM has been trying to create cars that don't run on gas for a while, from the early 70's till now. They were investing all that money into research while paying large wages and making huge profits for themselves. The point is that the UAW doesn't prevent the progress in cars, all it does is help our economy, but the japanese companies are eliminating the UAW. This is just going to weaken America's economy and maybe get us fuel cell cars faster.

29th Jan 2008, 22:03

There is really no such thing as an 'American' car anymore. We live in a global economy. Many Japanese cars are now built here now anyway. Those who think they are buying American are fooling themselves. Where do you really think the parts are from?

31st Jan 2011, 09:32

Why would you buy an ugly car in the first place?

My Element was built in Ohio by an American worker, and has over 60% of its parts made right here in the U S of A.

My Chevrolet Camaro was built in Canada by a Canadian, and only 52% of it's parts were made here, in the USA.

Tell me, who's car is supporting our economy?

31st Jan 2011, 15:02

What's wrong with a car made in Canada?

I'm Canadian, and I take great pride in owning a car made in my own country, by well paid unionized workers.

Keep in mind, Canadians buy cars too, and our economy is closely related to the US economy. We have no problem buying stuff made in the US, as we are still supporting the North American economy, so I don't see why you should have a problem with something made in Canada.

Americans are going to need our help soon when your fragile economy crumbles, and you run out of resources, Canada has lots of oil and fresh water that Americans will be begging us for a few years.