20th Mar 2017, 20:17

Still rollin' with 110,000 miles. No other problems since the A/C problem. Third set of tires are Michelins. They are much quieter than the Yokohama or Kumhos. Wish I had dropped they money for the tires sooner, made a big difference in the road noise.

4th Dec 2017, 13:59

Still rocking it out at 120,000 miles. We have not been easy on this car and it is driven much. It has not lost its zing, but as our children grow larger, the car gets smaller. I am always amazed by what will fit in this car; much larger on the inside than it looks from the outside. A new battery and many miles are the only change since the last post.

4th Dec 2017, 20:08

Thanks for the updates - you do very high mileage in a year, and that's one good test for a car. I hope they did sort out your air conditioning finally.

Re: your tyres comments earlier - you would be right, I had Yokohamas on a used Audi 80 years ago and they were quite noisy, improved dramatically when I replaced them with Dunlops. I've also had Michelins - very quiet, good overall tyres.

I assume your car would have CVT - how often do you need to get the gearbox serviced?

14th Dec 2017, 15:33

Automatic transmission five speed. Serviced transmission at 100000 miles. The paddle shifters on the steering wheel are useful when you want to wind up the RPM and make the four cylinder scream. It will only do so much being a small four cylinder without upgrades, but it is still fun on a curvy back road. It shifts on time every time, and a transmission shop would probably go broke if they only worked on Honda transmissions.

I would recommend a Fit to anyone that can appreciate compact, economy, durability, and fun.

The only drawback to this car is noticeable when the rear area of the car is stacked to the roof with belongings, causing it to handle a little differently.