15th Jun 2006, 03:32

Fuel economy does get better as the engine breaks in. The flip side is we tend to drive a broken in engine harder than a new one which negates some of the advantage.

But yes, all other things being equal, a "loose" engine will be more frugal than a "tight" one.

15th Jun 2006, 04:01

Seems to me that the best mileage will come after the engine is broken in, usually around 25000 miles. I had one of the old 87 honda civic hatchbacks. It was one of the best cars I ever had. I was elated to see that Honda now has a hatchback very similar to the 87 model. I will be trying to order one this week.

15th Jun 2006, 14:00

I bought a Blue Fit back in April when it first came out. I had read about the Jazz in the UK so when I heard it was coming out here, I had to get one. I didn't however get the Sports model cause my insurance is high enough as it is and cause its a lot more fun to put your own body kit on it. I already put 17" wheels on it and I'm getting ready to order the body kit. The only down side to that is that you have to order it from Japan or the UK since its new here and its hard to find a kit for it.

21st Jun 2006, 21:33

I also had an 1987 Honda Civic, and the other guy was right. It was the best car I ever had. And now the hatchback is back again, and I bought one yesterday.

21st Jun 2006, 21:54

We live in hot Arizona. Does the air conditioning work well?? I was also wondering with a 4 cylinder how the car's performance is when using the air conditioning?

21st Jun 2006, 22:03

Most people don't get to purchase a vehicle with 25 miles on the odometer, so they may not be aware of the issue with mpg.

...I purchased a hybrid Honda with 52 miles on the odometer, and got nearly 60 miles per gallon on the first tank. Every tank after that was less - around 56 mpg. After 194,000 miles, it was down to about 40 mpg...

My new 2007 Honda Fit has 1000 miles on it, and it only got 32.5 mpg in heavy stop-n-go traffic, and I was driving it very conservatively, except for spending quite a bit of time idling with the AC on in 95 degree Houston weather, so I can see it getting better mileage, hopefully 35 or more on the highway.

25th Jun 2006, 21:39

Regarding the Honda Hybrid getting progressively lower gas-mileage over its lifetime, perhaps this was caused not by the gas engine wearing-in, but by the battery pack slowly losing its effectiveness? I don't think comparing a hybrid to a regular gas engine in terms of gas-mileage expectations over their lifetimes is valid.

13th Aug 2006, 10:32

Thanks for the reviews of the Fit and I'm glad they're positive -- I'm thinking of buying one for my daughter. It was either the Fit or the Yaris and now I'm siding with the Fit. I never even considered a GM product even though I work there. I have to own a GM car to get to work; any other brand would be vandalized, especially a Honda or Toyota. But my daughter goes to school, so she can drive a nice Japanese car.

16th Sep 2006, 22:04

It is the best car produced by Honda next to the 2006 Civic. I looked at both the Fit and the Civic. The newly designed Civic won hands down in almaost every category. Sorry, but you should have bought a Civic.

2nd Apr 2007, 14:13

I would have to disagree on that one; the Acura RSX was the best vehicle produced by the Honda Motor Corporation. The fit is a good economy car, but it lacks performance. The now extinct RSX Type-S smokes the Fit in every aspect possible.