16th Oct 2006, 13:12

I love the look of the fit, but haven't test driven one yet. I'm wondering if the engine is as noisy as some reviews say it is at high speeds. Is it intolerable? I will be spending most of my driving time on the freeway and would really appreciate a quiet car, any feedback on the noise level?

25th Oct 2006, 12:57

Just bought a FIT and I love it, but agree with the above comment-- I would've liked an armrest for the driver too. Where can you order one? A mirror on the passenger visor would've been nice, too.

3rd Nov 2006, 21:16

You can order a center armrest (and a dead pedal too) from Zeta Products.

13th Nov 2006, 11:53

Did you get the adjustable or non-adjustable armrest? At the website there are only reviews (all good) for the adjustable one, but I'm considering the non-adjustable one. It looks more padded (and therefore could be more comfortable) and the storage space seems bigger. It's less money, too. I don't think I would ever need to put the armrest up for any reason. Your opinion? Thanks for all your help.

26th Aug 2007, 11:08

This car doesn't come with an armrest? And it costs more than 10k? OH MY GOD! Honda sucks.

25th Dec 2007, 19:52

I decided to seriously test-drive a Honda Fit and a Pontiac Vibe at a Honda and Pontiac Dealer. The Fit's 5-speed automatic transmission was smooth. Steering was precise and proportional. The engine was so silent at a stoplight; I was thinking it had died. I inadvertently topped 80 mph on the expressway, as air and road noise were low to nonexistent. The Vibe was another story, it sat well, looked nice, but gear shifting was noticed, it vibrated at stops, under-steered, had bright red dial instruments, and was noisy on the expressway. A distracting level of wind and road noise came right through the floor and rear trunk panel. The Vibe never felt like one unit, all going in the same direction. It was a no-contest! The Honda Fit was well above my expectations, and on thinking it over on the way home, it's a better ride than even my trusty Saturn of 10 years.

26th Dec 2007, 13:03

My mini cooper does not have an armrest either and that was far in excess of the cost of a fit. My wifes BMW does not have an armrest. I don't mind it though. It encourages a person to keep both hands on the steering wheel.