2007 Honda FR-V 2.2 CTDi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A pleasure not a chore, a wise choice. :-)


Not much. Usual wear and tear items - had to replace rear brake drums and pads all round, but I am doing 500 miles per week average commute, so expected.

Need to keep an eye on oil consumption with the 2.2 CDTi.

The car is very good as a family all purpose vehicle. Easy to drive, relative quick / economical, I get a steady 45 MPG if I take it easy; then again, I have a steady commute every day with some motorway involved.

Boot could be bigger, but generally it is fine for all our kit (family of 5). We've taken it to France twice with no problems.

Fuel tank could be bigger?

Storage / cubby holes... there were more in the VW Touran for oddments... but overall the FR-V is much better.

General Comments:

Excellent. Very reliable. Especially so compared to my previous 2006 VW Touran 2.0TD DSG - what a joke. I bought it for supposed German build quality and reliability. Big bill after big bill... Last thing to go wrong was at 75000 miles; the DSG Mechatronic unit intermittently giving up, leaving us stranded on a couple of occasions, so lost my patience (VW quoted £3500 to get it fixed)... yeah right.

Luckily I got a got £4k p/x against the used Honda FR-V. Very glad I made the switch. Comfortable on long trips; flexible seats, wider than the Touran, just as fast, just as economical and reliable, reliable... oh did I say it was reliable?

Pop-up third seat / front arm-rest / storage unit - great thoughtful option - really works well. Kids love traveling in this seat between mum and dad!

Full size spare hurrah (Touran didn't have one: Boo!)

I totally dig reliability now with my family / work use, so I love this Honda to bits! Happy daddy! Happy mummy! We got another Honda after this buy... a nice hybrid! Woo-hoo!

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Review Date: 25th August, 2012

2006 Honda FR-V Sport 2.2 i-CTDi from UK and Ireland


Funky mid-size MPV, which makes excellent sense


Errr - none. Nothing has gone wrong at all to date.

Fuel consumption is about 44-46 mpg depending on the type of driving. Can drop down to 42-43 in town.

It's been great so far!

General Comments:

Six seats will fit most normal sized adults, although they need to be friendly if all the seats are in use!

Great for 2 adults & up to 4 kids.

Kids love being able to sit in the front and see out.

Very practical - six seats & luggage space with all the seats in use.

Reasonable oddment storage places, but no sunglasses holder.

Diesel engine is very quiet and refined with excellent performance, especially in 3rd gear.

6th is a genuine overdrive top, great for motorway runs and the gearchange is very slick.

Cruise control works very well.

Would like the option to be able to play mp3s through the stereo (not available, but at least you can get long wave on the radio).

Ride and handling are excellent.

Climate control works with no fuss.

Very pleased with the car to date.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2006

11th Jul 2009, 05:07

40,000 mile update: Nothing to report of any note.

My son pulled one of the pieces of plastic trim off the rear middle seat, but it clipped back on easily. Two tiny rust bubbles on the tailgate were dealt with under warranty by the excellent local dealers.

Fuel consumption has improved and now averages 48mpg driven sensibly, over 51 being gentle on long motorway runs and as low as 44 (!) driven briskly whilst laden with 4 people plus holiday gear. This is pretty good for a full size 6 seater.

27th Jun 2010, 13:32

50,000 mile update and...

Nothing much to report.

Goodyear NCT5 tyres last a lot longer than the standard fit Michelins on the front. Rear tyres lasted 45k miles, just replaced.

A piece of plastic trim on one of the rear seat came off, but fitted back on easily.

Fuel consumption still around 48 mpg, with over 50 possible driving with a very light right foot.

Happiness is a Honda! :-)

10th Aug 2010, 10:29

This is indeed a very well thought out car. I would surely consider this car if my budget would allow it. Seems perfect for a family with 2 kids.

26th Jun 2013, 16:22

Original poster:

Finally sold the FRV with 85,500 miles on the clock. The only unscheduled repairs done in that time were the rear anti-roll bar bushes replaced at 70,000 miles. This was done during a normal service. It never broke down or left me stranded.

Fuel consumption averaged 47-48 MPG driven fairly gently, and would just crack 50 MPG on the motorway, again driving gently.

I had no quibbles with this car. It was brilliant and a great servant to the family. I would recommend it to anyone with a family.

I have now moved to a C Class estate, which is better on fuel, but a lot smaller inside.