4th Sep 2001, 17:39

As the owner of 3 hondas over 10 years, I say without hesitation that you buy a Honda car so that you don't ever have to go back to a dealer to have it fixed!

6th Jul 2002, 16:23

As a second car to do all the day to day work I can get between 74 m.p.g to 86 m.p.g. From the information obtained from the front dash you are trained to get the best driving skills to suck every drop of gas/petrol out of the car. One day we all will be driving a car of this elk. I thought I would start now and save a tree or two.

7th Jun 2003, 07:25

To the person who wrote the comment on the 15th of July, the battery never goes dead, the vehicle uses the force created when you brake to power the motor.

4th Jun 2004, 09:16

I bought this car 2 years ago and I just can't let it go you will feel like a movie star in this as it causes so much attention!and living in London it saves you so much money. Its great fun to drive. Go on you know you want to, buy one if you are lucky enough to find one!

Safe driving.

6th Aug 2004, 08:04

Aug. 6, 2004

We have had our 2000 Insight since May 2000. For the first time since then we have had a bit of a timing problem. You'll be going along at any speed and it will miss a beat. We were due for an oil change, recall for the headlights, and they are checking into the timing. We had to leave it there for 2-3 days, as they could not quite find what was making the timing problem.

Recently, we had met an engineer that said he knew all about our Hybrid as he was responsible 10 years ago for partaking in the engineering of them. He knew everything there was to know about them. He would ask us questions about it and my husband would respond and then he would give further explanation about the car and its mechanical capabilities. He was very proud to say he took part in their innovation. It was quite an honor to visit with him.

My husband and I feel strongly about helping out the environment. When gas prices went up we put our name in to wait for one if we were so lucky. Then happily we put our deposit down when they called and said they had one coming in one month. We were so excited. My husband has wanted an all-electric car since the 70's, but has never been able to obtain one in the central states area. I use my Insight to commute to work 60 miles round trip and get an average of 54 mpg. Even though we have high winds and inclement weather at times it has never slowed me down too much when the battery registers low. I am comfortable with this.

Has anyone else had the missed timing in his or her Insight? If so, what exactly needs to be done to repair?

We love our 2000 Insight and don't want to have to trade it. However, I have to have a reliable car to get to work.

13th Aug 2004, 09:41

Aug. 13, 2004

We just got our Honda Insight 2000 back and my husband is so happy. The mechanic said he called the dealer and told him to check the Injection system, adjust the valves and it had the recall for headlights and oil change taken care of during this visit. The machanic foreman didn't know how much it would cost. We had it in for entire week, so we were not looking forward to the bill.

After my husband test drove it with the mechanic and it seemed to pass the test they talked and discussed how much we'd need to spend. Well, that's the best part of it all. My husband was so excited--they told him it would be the cost of the oil change, since the other maintenance didn't amount to much. So with the recall parts they had to order and checking on the injection system and adjusting valves we put out around $20-$30. Wow!!! Happy days!!!

1st Jul 2005, 19:33

In response to the "15th Nov 2003, 15:06" comment:

Batteries will eventually die off... sooner or later, and even if it costs $800, I think that's a small price to pay for reliable trouble free 4-6 or so years period of drive time.

How many repairs, costing more, should you have to do on a GM vehicle in the same period of time?

19th Jul 2005, 13:35

I have never heard of a Honda dealer selling a car and not being able to fix it if need be? My Insite goes in for all its scheduled service, never had a break down. I have a 2003 with 84,000 miles on it, Honda has always serviced it fine.

5th Aug 2005, 00:13

I agree with the person who said that hybrids are the cars of the future. With the price of gasoline only expected to get higher, it would only make sense that most people are going to want a hybrid car. I wish I had enough money to go out and buy one right now! Thanks to all the people who are buying hybrids: you're saving our environment!

24th Oct 2005, 11:54

That last point is excellent. No matter what we drive we are going to get taxed or price gouged somewhere so the government can still maintain its transporation fund.

30th Dec 2005, 11:14

I don't think things are as gloomy as some of the posters here are postulating.

At the Tokyo auto show a few years ago Honda showed a sports car concept called DualNote. It had 450 horsepower AND a hybrid engine delivering 41 mpg while being driven aggressively.

The technology is there and will only get better.

For me, I drove the Insight on a test drive and liked it except for its "fuel efficient" tires that I would replace if I got one. It simply felt like the old Civic DX I used to have, and that's not a bad thing.

The Insight failed in America (many dealerships only special order it now) because of its weird shape (to the American buying public) and its impracticality of being a two seater. That's why the Prius has gotten all the glory.

But given most Americans are solo commuters this car makes perfect sense. And its the highest gas mileage car you can purchase here.

28th Mar 2006, 03:34

If you need a commuter car, the Insight is the way to go, however; if you're doing any road-tripping, cargo hauling (anything beyond golf clubs), or hitting up steep grades, look elsewhere. This car will get great mileage, but you really don't want to be stuck in it for extended periods of time.

22nd Dec 2006, 11:22

I just bought an Insight and it says the battery is covered for nine years.