Insight EX

It does everything well

130 words, North America, 26 comments


Insight with A/C 1.0L

Ahead of its time, for a generation behind its time

73 words, North America

Insight petrol electric hybrid 1.0

Fun, economical

193 words, UK and Ireland

Insight IMA 0.95 petrol

One day all cars will be built like this

79 words, UK and Ireland, 7 comments

Insight 1.0 electric

A very good two seater coupe!!

39 words, UK and Ireland



The Insight is a great eco-friendly car

109 words, North America, 10 comments

Insight 995cc petrol Electric Hybrid

Exciting, economical coupé that looks like something from a Gerry Anderson series

105 words, UK and Ireland

Insight 1.0 liter 3 cylinder

The car of the future!

186 words, North America

Insight 1 liter gas/electric hybrid

High tech car that'll save you money

84 words, North America, 14 comments