25th Jun 2008, 15:30

Totally agree with that last comment (24th June) whole-heartedly.

25th Jun 2008, 17:11

I whole-heartedly disagree with 24th june. Not really true statements.

26th Jun 2008, 07:46

Any particular reason you disagree? Or do you just like to argue? The only fault I could find with the Teg is it is a bit uncomfortable as a daily driver because of the gritty driving style, other than that its fun personified.

27th Dec 2008, 09:41

Well after 4 years of ownership with 2 Integra Type Rs, the first one a N/A car which I later turbo'd to just over 300bhp, and the second one almost standard apart from exhaust filter and wheels, I decided to sell up and get something a little more sensible.

I opted for a 2000 W reg Audi S3 with all the mod cons and added extras, with 4wd, a 1.8 turbo and engine remapped to 270bhp. Needless to say that was about 9 months ago, and not a day has gone past without me pining for the teg.

The engine in the teg is a masterpiece, delivering driving pleasure turbo cars can only dream of, a steering feel of being connected to the road, and being able to feel the slightest change of grip instantly transfered to your fingertips. A gear change so slick and precise I would swear it feels more like moving a hot knife through butter rather than any metal cogs; it's the best gearbox I've ever experienced in my life (I'm 30 now and have driven dozens and dozens of sports cars).

The sound of the b18c engine on song sends shivers down my spine right up to the 8900rpm rev limit. It has handling to die for, and for a FWD car (add 17 inch wheels and good tyres) grip that will amaze most people. I have a friend with an 03 plate Subaru Impreza STi RA with the Prodrive tuning kit, and he agrees the cornering capabilities of the teg are superior to his Scooby.

Recaro seats that are the most supportive yet comfortable bucket seats I've ever sat in (and sell for huge amounts of money second hand on ebay). All this and a big boot too.

Needless to say I'm gonna have to get another one very soon. Once you have owned one of these cars, there is no going back, everything else seems inferior somehow.

If you're someone that wants a car to drive rather than to pose, then this is the car for you. Yes I'm sure an Evo is quicker on the corners, and yes I'm sure a Skyline will beat it on the straights, and yes there are faster cars out there, but not one of them leaves you with the feeling you have just stepped out of something special, something designed for the overall package of a driving machine rather than for a better 0-60 time, or how many gadgets its fitted with.

One option I will suggest that works very well with these cars tho is a apexi VTEC controller.. Not so much to bring vtec in any earlier than the 6000rpm its set at, but for it to kick out slightly later.. I had mine kick out at 5500rpm, so while cornering if you dip slightly below 6000rpm, you're still in vtec. Trust me, it works a treat, and the option of adding a little more fuel once you have added a cold air induction system exhaust system and manifold, it improves hp by a few as well.

I just can't wait to get another one, and once again drive one of the best driving machines ever made.

29th Dec 2008, 09:00

Original reviewer here... nice comment above :)

Here I am, on my day off, wondering what I should do with myself, and I am once again drawn to going out for a drive.

I've had the teg nearly 2 years now, and still I cannot imagine replacing it with anything. I have been thinking about what kind of car to replace it with, as I am usually the type to replace cars frequently. But every time I think about another car to replace it, I always think to myself that I am making a mistake.

I cannot tell you just how much of an impression it has made on me, and I've driven some pretty nice cars, and had passenger rides in some fairly exotic machines, but still the teg can hold its head up with the best company.

As said, it's not the fastest car ever, but it's by no means slow. It has one of the most responsive, best sounding 4-bangers around, and makes up for its only adequate midrange performance by feeling and sounding ballistic above 6000 revs... although I am sure other drivers have you pegged down as a total hooligan, as you inevitably end up driving it like you stole it at times!

Its cornering abilities almost defy belief for a FWD car, and the brakes are stunning, despite not being anything fancy like 4-pots (doesn't need them, considering how light it is).

I also happen to find it practical enough, I can carry several passengers and a reasonable amount of luggage. I find it quite comfortable too. However, it is very firm, and very, very noisy (and that's with a standard exhaust!), and might be too hardcore for some... but you know what, I think those people are just soft!

Great, great fun. A car for drivers rather than posers.

5th Jan 2009, 11:10

I totally agree with everything, I used to own a 2000 Scooby and an Integra at the same time; the ITR was a better handling car, and inspired a lot of confidence.

I have raced a 380BHP standard Scooby on a track and found it to be quite soft compared to the ITR. Just different cars suited to different situations, on a track the ITR is superior, on loose gravel the Scooby was superior.

Would love another ITR at some point, in a Mini Cooper S at the moment, the only new car I like to drive.

9th Jul 2010, 03:46

Just bought my first ever JDM Type R Teg last week; absolutely amazing to drive, the vtec kicks in and you know you have a bit of power to play with. You really need to drive one before you can comment against it.

Does anyone know what the problem is if there is a slight bit of oil coming from the exhaust, and a bit of oil smell after flooring the vtec? Could anyone tell me if it is a major problem?

27th Aug 2010, 07:33

In response to your comment about oil, a lot of Tegs do burn a bit of oil, just keep an eye on the oil consumption.

As for the smell, check the breather box at the rear of the block, the seal to the block often leaks onto the manifold.

As for all other comments about Type R vs WRX. A good condition dc2 Type R, UK or Japanese with a 4-1 manifold and good servicing will wipe the floor with a WRX in every department. I have owned a Teg for 1 year, and I don't even consider a WRX a race.

My friend had a UK spec dc2, standard except manifold. It ran a 14.1 1/4 mile at Santa Pod, and pulled to 160 mph (speedo), don't see a stock WRX anywhere near these times... In fact STi's are hard pushed to match.

I have a 96 spec dc2, quicker than my mate's UK spec. I have done an official 0-60 challenge on street tyres in 5.4 and 5.6 seconds. If you know how to drive a DC2, they are truly awesome.

6th Sep 2010, 02:38

I've driven and had both, and trust me, a Teg won't beat a Subaru WRX, and won't even come close to an STi, especially with just a manifold. VTECs are fast for what they are, but an e36 M3 3.0 with 286bhp manages 0-60 in 5.8 seconds, so I don't know how your Teg with a manifold can hit 60 in mid 5 seconds.

6th Sep 2010, 14:33

I've had both, and the Teg is much the same as a WRX/2000 etc, but as you said, the STIs etc are obviously quicker. Of all the cars I've had, the DC2 is the one I miss most, and often consider getting one as a weekend toy, as it's the only car I really regret selling.

But 0-60, I can't see being sub 6 seconds really, as not many FWD cars manage it with mega power, but they do seem to get pretty good 1/4 mile times, as I remember many people on the DC2 owners club achieving mid 14 second times, which isn't bad for the power of the car.

21st Apr 2011, 15:41

I own a 98 UK dc2 Integra R. Stayed with and overtook a new Focus RS (2010) 300bhp at high speed! My Integra is standard.! Handles better too, thanks to the Integra's LSD and sticky tyres. NOT over rated by any means. Not bad for a car with costs £3500 ish with an 1.8 vtec engine. If you're not convinced, go and test drive one from a garage somewhere. Perfect car. The Focus is a great car with a higher top speed, but who can do the cars max speed on public roads??