6th Sep 2001, 23:42

There's nothing funny about it. The best handling cars are MR, then FR, then the rest.

The Type-R is the best handling front wheel drive car in the world. And the Impreza is an average handling AWD car.

21st Sep 2001, 10:54

Well I went in one today and I have been in the new Impreza, and I must say that I thought it handled better as well. The Scoobie is too thin and too high.

30th Sep 2001, 19:04

Let everyone not get confused about handling and grip please. 4wd cars have the best grip. I love the Teg to bits, but in the wet the WRX (providing the model had a front LSD as well as the standard read) would be faster. However, due to spiraling UK petrol costs, a turbo is a costly option and with the added weight and drive-train inertia, the Teg wins.

17th Oct 2001, 16:54

I've had a Scoobie WRX Sti type Ra with 300 bhp, which was awesome especially in the wet.

But my Integra is much more nimble, and handles like a go-kart rather than the overweight trolly, that the Scoobie is.

Having said that, the Subaru had a much meaner sounding engine, that didn't need to be screamed!

Horses 4 courses...


23rd Nov 2001, 09:21

I've had my Integra for a year now and can say that for the money no car comes close. The engine is great etc... but the best bit is the handling. Absolutely unbelievable!! An Integra will, on an A to B road, keep pace with near enough any other car. Simple as that.

If I have any gripes I would say that the fuel tank is too small; if you rev this car hard then the petrol just disappears in no time. Also the reverse gear can be temperamental, mine managed to jam once selected and I had to go to a dealer for repair.

No doubt about it, the Integra is about as much fun as you can have in a car... especially wiping the floor with my mate in his M3!

4th Aug 2002, 08:20

I've had my Type R for a month now and I'm in love! Its replaced my 91 CRX which is now gathering dust in my garage (sob).

You guys are all spot on with the handling: So easy to get the 'lift off' oversteer round corners and so easy to correct again. (Its also very easy for passengers to wet themselves when you do this so a little prior warning is needed)

And the engine... oh my god the engine.

Oh how I laugh to myself when my friends comment on how quick it is. That's normally before the point where I pass the 6K mark on the rev counter and all hell breaks loose. When that happens they normally start swearing or praying.

One thing I have found annoying though is that it takes 3rd gear to hit 60! The rev limiter must cut in at about 59 mph... how frustrating!

Oh and also it won't go round corners as quickly as my CRX. Don't believe me? You need to drive a Mk 2 CRX then!

But. I always choose the Integra though...It'd be rude not to.


12th Oct 2002, 04:26

Rich, I owned a Mk2 CRX too. It is more 'chuckable' but does not corner as clean or flat as the Integra type R. It is probably a better all round road car than the Integra though, but is nowhere near as fast.

19th Mar 2003, 15:57

Original poster here - Well the Teg has to go back as its lease is up in May. So what are my impressions after 2.5 years of ownership?

The Teg really is too harsh to use as an everyday car. To begin with I loved the rawness, and still do on the right road in the right conditions, but when you're snarled up in a motorway traffic jam in the rain the Teg is absolutely the wrong car to be in: hard riding, noisy, huge driveline shunt in slow traffic, heavy clutch...yuk.

However the Teg is one of those cars where you will always seek out the 'b' road alternatives to Motorways just to feel her move; the engine is manic and thrilling and the handling and grip are nothing short of shattering for a ten year old design.

Nothing has broken in 57000 miles, but a low speed traffic bump showed the 'effectiveness' of the front crumple zone (my Teg was wrecked at 5 mph, while the Shogun I banged didn't make a claim against me!)

The engine gets smoother and better with miles, and the car definitely prefers the hard stuff: Optimax has a noticeable effect on performance.

Its been great fun, but in seeking out a replacement drivers car, I tested a VX220. This car makes the Teg feel very ordinary indeed when driven over the same roads as the VX220.

The cars monstrous reserves of competence made it feel aloof to some extent though, like my best efforts to chuck it about didn't even raise a sweat in the car. And keeping it in license-saving speed limits is tough too, as the engine is way past legal at the redline only in third gear.

In summary, highly recommended to anyone who can exploit racing heritage on the road. Me? I'm looking forward to the sharper, but more accessable charms of a VX220!!

27th Mar 2003, 08:48

You guys are getting things mixed up; There are three different kinds of "grip"; grip (sideways force), traction (how much power you can put on the road - 4wd is best), and handling (how the above two is balanced - how the thing feels when being thrown around)

Integra is really good handling, but wheel spins too much in sharp low speed corners.

25th Oct 2006, 05:40

I've had mine for about 2yrs done a few light mods, has done 66000kms and no engine trouble at all. Yep its loud and you feel the bumps, but then you get great power, cornering is great and is OK on fuel considering what other cars use to make decent power. Now its time to sell and I will miss it, but its been a great car. wrxs look a bit boring to me and have no interest in them. for what they cost there are much better cars around to buy over a wrx.

25th Oct 2006, 10:53

Actually WRXs are one of the best cars for excellent performance for how much they cost, even brand new one's.

19th Dec 2008, 14:08

I own an Integra type R X and it is a better handling car than a 00 STi Type R, as a friend of mine just bought one, and another friend of mine with him for a spin (going as hard as we could) and you would almost feel scared in it, as it didn't feel as planted as the Integra did when we went for a spin. (and if you don't believe me, go onto yotube and type in track racing in japan)

20th Dec 2008, 13:07

I've seen some of those videos, the STI might feel less planted but it still out done the integra on the corners; if anything I was surprised the teg stayed as close as it did on the straight, after it was overtaken on the corner.