3rd Apr 2003, 18:54

Grotesque? What car are you looking at mate, I believe this is one of the best looking cars on the road and as for boy racer, definition of a boy racer is young (hence boy) try insuring one of these as a young driver!!!

28th Jun 2004, 08:14

I agree with you, why is this person reading the reviews anyway?

The 'teg Type-R is a classic in every sense, looks, mechanicals handling, exclusivity. Since I drove one in 1996 (age 21, with no chance of insuring one) I have wanted one. I am now looking to buy one (after working up to it with 205GTi's, Clio Williams, Civic Type-R and Clio Cup.) It betters all these and they are a wish list of fast capable cars I guess. Morons need not apply!

9th Jun 2005, 06:45

Problem is that a lot of boy racers drive without insurance their cars so they can drive these types of cars.

14th Nov 2005, 21:35

Well here in Australia I got my VTI-R insured for $1300 an I was 19 at the time. excellent car well built. No problems with noise I guess I you are complaining about noise then you don't really want a sports car what did you expect? next you will be saying its to low or hard to get in to the back seats!! fuel economy was excellent 7.5l/100km cruising.

8th Mar 2007, 05:14

A VTi-R is not the same as a Type-R. The VTi-R is simply an up-spec GSi. It still has sound deadening, but it gets a VTEC engine and a few more standard features. A Type-R gets an even more aggressively tuned VTEC engine as well as as LSD and a big rear wing. But it loses the sound deadening and gets thinner glass. Both of which reduce weight, but increases noise levels inside the cabin.

18th Jun 2012, 21:13

LOL sound proofing and fuel economy. Who cares?? Next thing you'll be doing is adding an aftermarket moon roof! You're driving a Type R bro. A Type R, get it? A Honda Integra Type R, the one and frigging only! Nothing else matters.