2007 Honda Jazz VTi 1.5 vtec from Australia and New Zealand


An honest and reliable vehicle that will be around for a while. It will never be sporty or luxurious


Some creaks and a rattling noise have developed inside the dash not long after taking delivery of the car. It gets worse on warmer days.

Electric air con could be cooler.

General Comments:

Think of Jazz as a scaled down van and you will not be disappointed. It's spacious and frugal.

The primitive rear suspension layout and rock hard setting compromise both comfort and handling.

The EPS (electronic power steering) feels lifeless.

The relatively tall seating position allow you to get in and out of the car with ease. While the oversized controls on dash are cartoonish, they are easy to use.

It is probably the better representation of small vehicles. But design compromises mean it is not as refined or evolved as vehicles in a bigger class.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2007

30th Apr 2008, 08:35

For a basic model Honda the Jazz is very good. The car is economical to buy and to run. The car is also roomy when the seats are folded down. Good torque for a small car. My biggest issues with the new car were the noises it made 3 months after purchasing. My mechanics needed to re-tighten the engine mount screws, the screws fixating the license plate and something to do with the brakes.

For a brand new car one does not expect such noises. It took 6 months for my mechanic to even take any notice of my concerns. So if you have noises coming from your Jazz, make sure your mechanic checks everything before the warranty runs out.

2007 Honda Jazz SL Sport 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Having just brought my first Honda Jazz from new, after less than a week we noticed a thin crack in the paintwork of the drivers door about 8-10 inches long.

I took it back to the garage, who implied it was something I had done. Pictures were taken and sent to Honda, who said it was not covered under warranty, after complaining that I had not caused the problem.

There was something wrong when it was made. They agreed to repair it free of charge, and the service department would pick up the cost. Not what I expected from a new car after less than a week.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2007

18th Jun 2008, 14:36

Hi, how has the car been since and have you had any further problems with Honda and their service?

2007 Honda Jazz SE 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland

General Comments:

I parked the car in a car park, on a slight slope, and when I returned 10 hours later, it had rolled across one traffic lane, and into a new parking bay.

The dealer said there was nothing wrong with the handbrake. Yes, I know I should have left it in gear, and now I do, but I still feel the handbrake should have held it. Luckily no damage was done.

Whilst I was in the dealer's reception area, another customer heard me explaining the problem to the service manager, came over and said she had brought her Jazz in for a handbrake check because it had rolled down her drive-in and hit a visitor's car parked in front of hers. Taken with other comments on this site, there seems to be a pattern.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2007

19th Jun 2007, 23:18

Funny, because I have seen a Nissan roll out into the street in front of my house, and an Audi that moved itself because it was not in gear. It is not smart to leave a car in neutral with the brake on. There is nothing holding the weight of the car down, but the rear brakes. At least with it in gear, it will be locked better, but you still need to have the brake on.

10th Jan 2015, 18:06

I also have been having problems with my 2007 Honda Jazz handbrake not holding. I have all new disc and shoes, pads replaced, and it's still not holding. The handbrake cable even has 2 clicks, so it is not a stretched handbrake cable needing to be replaced. Still I am none the wiser about the problem.