26th Jun 2008, 00:05

I bought a brand new Honda Jazz Vitec 2008 about 1 month ago. I love driving her.

However, I've got queries re : lights. My previous cars always have got 3 lights : low light, head light and fog light. This Jazz has got only low light and fog light. As a new user of Honda Jazz, I've got problems whenever driving after dark, if I switch on a low light, other drivers give sign to switch on a head light. If I switch on fog light (the 2nd alternative light I've known in my car), other drivers give sign to switch off and or shouting at me.

Can anyone who reads this message help me, whether is there any other switch button somewhere inside this car model, so I could switch on a head light?. (On the Honda manual book I've got from the dealer, the light features are not clear).

FYI only, my friend who has got Jazz 2005 told me that her car has got low light, head light, fog light as well as big beam light. Thanks.

13th Jan 2009, 20:45

My comments relate to a 2006 Honda Jazz VTI. I was unloading boxes from the back seat and the door closed but not fully. My hands were full so I pushed the door with my bottom and it closed fully, but at the same time the door panel was dented. After a while it popped back out but left a minor dent. I am not a heavy person and did not apply undue force, so I was surprised that the panel was so weak as to dent like that. I took it to my local Honda dealer and the Service Manager informed me it would not be covered under warranty. I consider this to be a design fault because the panel did not withstand reasonable usage forces. I have been driving for 53 years and never before experienced anything like that with other cars.

Andy Sag Klemzig SA

9th Mar 2012, 08:59

Did you finally fixed problem? My Jazz Sport has got the same problem, but a mechanic cannot find the problem as well..

If you can help me out, please email me tomasuni@gmail.com