25th Aug 2007, 20:01

I wonder if the original reviewer could elaborate on any CVT issues he has heard about as I take delivery of a 2005 VTIs CVT this week that has travelled 15,000kms. The car seems to be as new, could not fault, but is there anything that should be checked. The car is still under factory warranty for another 6 months. We plan to use this car a lot as our 2004 CRV has just clocked 100,000 kms and will be used less as the daily kids shuffler in the future.

20th Mar 2008, 23:46

Just a word about CVT's. The original posting described them as "new technology". In fact they first in the 1960's (Daf had made only trucks prior to that). They were promoted for their reliability on the basis that one had been tried out in a Formula 1 racing car and had worked perfectly.

Daf was then taken over by Volvo who used the CVT in their little 360, but I think eventually went over to a conventional automatic, though the CVT next appeared in a Renault.

A friend of mine had a Daf, and what was particularly memorable was the way the engine revs kept fairly high until the car stopped. That seems still to be feature from what I read!

5th Apr 2008, 20:57

Original reviewer back again. Still no problems. In fact, I am looking to buy a second Honda Jazz (manual) for myself, so that the wife can have this one full-time.

As for the CVT, I am aware that DAF pioneered this technology back in the 1960s. That said, it was only the mid-late 1990s when CVTs started to become more mainstream thanks to cars such as the Nissan Micra. Even though there is quite a large choice of vehicles out there with CVT these days (everything from econoboxes to SUVs!), CVTs are still rare and scary enough to freak out a lot of mechanics!

If you check out some of the various Honda Jazz/Fit forums (such as Fitfreaks.net), there are quite a few threads discussing the Jazz's CVT and its foibles. Some believe that the early Jazzes (pre-MY05) had problematic CVT fluid that caused issues with some CVTs. I replaced the CVT fluid last year, and plan on replacing it every 2nd year just to be safe.

18th Oct 2009, 05:43

Original owner back again. Still no mechanical issues. The CVT is holding up very well. That said, I have been getting it serviced every 2 years (last service was July 2009).

That said, I did notice one fault the other day: the drivers side carpet has worn a hole approximately 5cm long in the crease between the footwell and the front edge of the driver's seat. What's a little more concerning is that (a) the Jazz is fitted with Genuine Honda floor mats and (b) the car has done 29,000km since new. Other than that, the rest of the trim is still as new - I was just a little shocked that a car of this age with low mileage (especially a Honda) would exhibit such wear.

Also changed the original Yokohama Aspec 175/65R14 tyres for Toyo Teo Plus 185/60R14s. Has improved the grip and steering accuracy noticeably, however has now exposed just how ordinary the chassis is. Handling is actually a little twitchy at speed, but the grip more than compensates. I suspect the Toyos are a little too good for the Jazz.

26th Oct 2009, 08:49

My first Jazz is a wonderful car, but as the third owner I can tell it's seen better days. It's a 2002 model with CVT, and while I've made sure it has been serviced under my ownership, even the mechanic noted that the previous owners must not have done so. I think that's the greatest danger with CVTs, because otherwise they're brilliant.

Incidentally, I've started looking for a newer, manual model, specifically a 2005 build (the last year we got them from Japan). Also, some are 2006-compliant but are still 2005 model year.

So, my tips for buying a Jazz:

- CVT: get a service history; the newer the car, the better.

- If you want a Japanese-built car, make sure the VIN starts with a 'J' (as opposed to 'M' for Thai-built).

- Check electrics, particularly windows.

- If you're fussy, make sure all headrests/cargo cover are included, I discovered they were hard to find separately.

5th Oct 2012, 15:36

Original owner signing in again.

Over 7 years and almost 80,000km later, the Jazz has still not failed. The CVT still works fine, even though it does seem to shudder just a little bit more at take off than it used to. The CVT fluid has been changed every 2 years.

About the only new observation I can add is that the Jazz seems to be a little hard on front disc pads. They were replaced at 30,000km and then again at 60,000km. I queried this with the dealer, and they told me that the front disc pads in the Jazz can wear prematurely due to driving style. I'm putting it down to living in hilly terrain and not being really able to use the transmission to down change.

The 80,000km service is going to be quite expensive, too (about AUD$1,000).

I am still getting the same fuel economy (between 6-7l/100km depending on roads). I guess the savings on fuel mitigate the slightly high maintenance costs.

The original battery was replaced last year. Not that the car left me stranded, but it did start showing signs of fatigue i.e. some hesitation when starting. The dealer replaced the battery including installation and CVT reset for less than the cost of me buying a battery from an auto shop and fitting it myself.