1989 Honda Legend A.L.B 2.7 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


They got the Legend bit right


Oil leak from a dodgy mechanic not tightening a few bolts.

Rear defogger not working.

Sunroof will not tilt no more.

A/C blockage going to cost the earth.

Seats have gone flat, and leather is cracked, not torn.

Boot will not stay open.

General Comments:

This is a great motor car; it hammers when you need it to, but it does not handle too good around corners. This I expect is due to its ride quality, which is great, and the fact that it's not a sports car.

My auto is a bit funny sometimes when cold. It like to take off in 3rd gear when it is put in drive for the first time when cold. After 3 seconds it is back to normal.

Sunroof slides well and does not leak, but will not tilt.

All windows are fast to open and close. The electric seats still operate fine.

The lighting in the car is great on a night time, and there is nothing in the car you can't find.

Other than the oil leak, this car has done well and I am proud to one it. I would buy another one and will recommend this car to anyone... unless they are tall like me; there is no headroom, something that all Honda's suffered from. I need to have the sunroof's shade open, otherwise it hits my head and annoys me.

My Honda, which is a 2.7lt V6 is faster than my 3.9lt 6cyl Falcon in a straight line. The only thing I really have to do with my car is put stiffer springs in it so it will handle better.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2010

4th May 2011, 13:00

Fantastic car.

I bought mine 18 years after the first owner, who is Swiss. Performance superb. Air con super.

4th May 2011, 13:51

This was the best model (s) bought new that we ever owned. Ironically, later the TL models were our worse! Major mechanical issues. Transmissions were terrible. Had no issues until after 100,000 miles with the Legends. Mainly heater cores and A/C issues.

1989 Honda Legend V6 Ti Exclusive 2.0L turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, well done Honda!


Battery died the day I bought it, but this is probably not a problem of the car itself. Replaced with a new one and it goes like dream again :-)

Stereo has some problems - left speakers do not make a sound. When I bought it, only the right ones worked. After just a few days, the rear right one stopped working at a night, but came back OK the next morning, seems to be wiring issue, too old?

General Comments:

The car drives like a dream for its age! The turbo engine is fantastic in terms of getting from 0 to 100 really fast, and it's never lost to any other car of the 21 century! Just not sure if it's reliable or not, and the running cost seems a bit high compared to my old 1.6L Nissan ('95). Swallows petrol like a drunkard!

Very comfy seats and inside the car, very high spec!

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Review Date: 24th October, 2009

1989 Honda Legend 2.7 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


They should still make cars like this (2dr coupe)


Fuel gage often gave inaccurate readings.

Leather on drivers seat was ripped.

Passenger side window motors were very slow.

Gear indicators for Drive and S gears did not light up,and Reverse was also intermittent.

General Comments:

Was an amazing car for my first car, bought it for $2000, spent $30 on new oil and it ran beautifully.

Fuel consumption wasn't too bad, $60 filled the tank up (approx 60 liters), and ran about 450/500km, and a lot of that was in the steep Adelaide Hills.

Was in a car accident two days ago, the legend has now been written off. If it wasn't for the strong doors and frame, my mother and the back passenger probably wouldn't have survived. I wish they still made cars like this.

I must admit, with the windows closed the engine was incredibly quiet, even with them up. The tapping noise everyone complains about isn't all that bad, I got accustomed to it.

If the crash repair cost wasn't at $3500, I would get it fixed.

I definitely would buy another Honda.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2009