2010 Honda Odyssey EXL w/RES 3.5 from North America


If it doesn't get better... no more Hondas for us


Within the first week we had been back to the dealer 3 times. A bumper coming off, a ripped seat cover, clear coat spray on the windshield. The dealer was great and took care of it all, but it has taken about 2 days of my time and 150 miles of driving to fix a new car... unacceptable.

We have since noticed the carpet is not totally complete next to the driver side seat, so that will have to be repaired as well. The last Honda Odyssey we bought in 2002 was built as well as any car I have seen... this one is the worst new car we have ever had... not sure what has happened to the build quality.

This one was built in Lincoln Alabama, maybe there are issues at that plant?? If we continue to have these issues, this will be may last Honda after having one for the last 30 years... hopefully it will all just be cosmetic workmanship and nothing mechanical... We hope.

General Comments:

There are a lot of new features on the new cars and they are very well designed... just bad workmanship.

The new arm rests in the front seats are a pain, as you must re-adjust them each time you move them by going full up then re-setting... liked the one position old ones better. But, for the most part the new features are a plus.

Good price... almost the same as in 2002.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 29th April, 2010

30th Apr 2010, 14:55

We have a 2009 and have not experienced any problems. It's actually as good as our old Civic, which has given us 11+ years of hassle free ownership. Comparing the Odyssey to our previous American van.. no comparison. The Honda is superior in every way.. fit and finish, functionality, reliability, and performance. Honda quality may have slipped a little lately, but it's still superior to any American manufacturer.