7th Jul 2010, 19:32

My 2010 Honda Odyssey (purchased August 2009) started having engine problems at 7,000-8,000 miles. The engine ran so rough that my wife was afraid to drive the additional 1/2 mile to our home. The engine light came on. There was no warning. We towed it to the dealer.

The dealer had to replace the spark plugs, because they were so fouled. After several 5 hour trips to the dealer to check the oil consumption, we were told the following:

Honda USA considers it acceptable for its brand new Honda Odyssey to make one quart of oil disappear every 1,000 miles. There is no fix, but Honda USA is "studying" the problem. The oil just disappears, they can't even figure out where it is going.

I always thought that checking the oil at every fill-up was so that any problems would be found out before they become problems. And get fixed. I was wrong.

Honda USA lives by the old adage about MicroSoft: It's not a "Defect", it's a "Feature".

Let's have BP buy a whole fleet of Odyssey's for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup. It can make oil disappear without a trace.

8th Jul 2010, 13:05

We had the oil consumption issue, as well as numerous other issues with our Honda. It was a total lemon. We permanently solved the problem by switching to domestics. No problems at all with our Ford and GM vehicles. No more imports for us.

17th Aug 2010, 18:51

Our 2010 Honda Odyssey has the same engine oil consumption problem. We have taken to the dealer where we bought it, and the dealer said it had contacted Honda of America. The problem first happened at around 5000 miles. We've taken it to the dealer two more times since, and each time the engine oil was refilled. The dealer said it will escalate the issue with Honda of America, but no word yet.

18th Aug 2010, 11:25

"The dealer said it will escalate the issue with Honda of America, but no word yet."

I wish you the best. We were told that using a quart of oil in our Honda every 3 weeks was "normal". That's why we now drive Fords.

28th Jan 2011, 17:32

You should check the output of your tailpipe to see if oily residue is inside or outside of it, and if the paint above the output is stained. After just a few miles, you should have a nearly pristine tailpipe tip, or else this indicates you're burning oil.

Losing a quart every 1000 miles is the old-fashioned threshold of whether a USED car was worth sending to the junkyard or replacing the engine. If a new engine is doing that, I would seek my money returned as a lemon, & go buy from a different car company.

We have a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country with 84,000 miles, which has been great. I'm reading an increasing number of problems with newer Honda & Toyota vans, so I don't know whether I'll consider them when we replace our van in the future.

19th Feb 2011, 13:50

I am done with Honda. I have an Accord and a Odyssey. I just spent $10,000 in repairs across the two cars. Everything was fine until they hit 100K in miles.

What really sucks, with the exception of a $4,000 transmission replacement is that I was nickled and dimed for the rest of the repairs, such as $500 here, $300 there, etc.

If I knew I would spend $10,000, I would have purchased new cars.

4th Oct 2012, 12:32

Well, I will chime in here... at the end of August 2012, I was stranded and had to have our 2009 Odyssey towed to the dealer. I was told that the vehicle was out of oil, and that it was my fault for not bringing in the vehicle in sooner, because the service needed soon light was on. I told them that the light went on two days before this happened and it said "soon", so I thought I had until after the weekend to bring it in. Our other two vehicles (BMWs, older models) have different service indicators if the car needs immediate attention, so I thought "soon" was different than "now".

They told me the van was almost out of oil, and that I should return in 1000 miles for a consumption test. I said OK, but how will I know it's 1000 miles? They said an indicator light would go on.

Here I am today in early October with the same problem. The van started shaking and I pulled over. No warning light or nothing. The service is looking at the van now. The service representative said that there is no such thing as reprogramming the indicator lights, and I was supposed to be tracking miles on my own... are you serious? If so, I am back to BMW (where you don't change oil until it says so, and the synthetics last longer) or maybe trying a Lexus...

I am so disappointed in Honda. We purchased this vehicle to drive around our kids and their friends, and thought that Honda was going to be stellar in service and quality. The dealer has great service in terms of being fast etc, but we have been here four times in the past 3 months... that's just too much.

5th Oct 2012, 12:44

No matter what car/SUV/truck you buy next, please don't rely on computers or car reminders for maintenance of your car. Anytime you wash your car or get it washed, you should check your oil level, transmission level, and all other fluid levels. If you don't know how to do this, have someone show you how to do it. It is an easy task, and it doesn't take very long to do it.

Also engines can be dirty. Keep gloves and a paper towel in the glove box.

Different cars have different characteristics. All are not the same. Some cars use more fluids than others.

Also be in tune with your car. If you hear an odd noise or it's doing something that doesn't feel right, go check it out. Many dealers will check things for free... you don't have to get the work done there.

I have owned many japanese vehicles, and most of ones I have had, don't like multiple drivers. I have had better luck with American cars when it comes to multiple drivers in the household. But that is my experience with them... and only my opinion. It might not apply to all families.

28th Nov 2012, 17:09

I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey with 118,000 miles.

Since it had 60,000 miles, it has consumed 2 quarts of oil every 500 miles. Recently we are at 3 quarts every 500 miles.

I have complained to my dealer, Honda of America and Honda Care to no avail. I have filed a complaint with the State of California. They sent me to the NHTSA who are investigating this issue at this time.

If you have this problem, please file a complaint, or a second complaint with NHTSA. https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/index.xhtml or 1-888-327-4236.

They told me also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. 1-877-382-4357 https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/.

They told me to add a Better Business Bureau complaint into the mix. www.bbb.org/ to find your local affiliate.

If you are having these problems with your Honda Odyssey or other Honda model, please file complaints so that our collective voice is heard. Thank you!