16th Jul 2010, 16:30

My story is about the same as yours. Bad car. Transmissions replaced twice, power door broken, evap system, alignment, brake shift interlock, engine mount. All broken. All below 100000 miles. The dealer only wants to charge more and more.

Bad car. Next car will not be a Honda.

29th Sep 2010, 13:31

I agree with all you guys, mime car failed transmission, shock, radiation, doors don't close, hatch door broken, I just replaced one of the tubes between the radiator? Right after that night, there was a huge noise somewhere, I don't know is that the exhaust pipe?

My next family car will not be Honda...

4th Oct 2010, 23:54

I have a 2000 Odyssey and have had a myriad of problems. True, it is older (225K km, 160K miles) and driven hard, but problems have been there for a while.

First and foremost is the transmission which blew after a year. It has been repaired and still shifts very heavily from first to second. It feels like the engine is jumping off the mounts sometimes. We recently had a problem on a trip where transmission fluid "exploded" all over the underside of the car at the end of the a long trip at highway speed. We drove into a mechanic and he told us that the codes for the torque converter came on (nice guy, did not charge us for checking the codes). We cleared them and then we took it to our transmission mechanic (who we trust actually since he is a family friend) and he said he cannot find any leak, any codes etc. We know there is a problem coming, just when? The codes have not returned.

We are going to sell it, if we can, but the value will be very little at this point.

Other problems:

A) The right door has never closed properly, we have to leave the lights off in the car, cannot be in automatic mode for lights, or it will flicker incessantly.

B) The ABS does not work anymore and the ABS light just stays on. When it started, it was intermittent and the ABS would work if we we parked and started on level ground. Now, they do not work at all.

Any ideas?