23rd Mar 2003, 05:57

Humming sound from Engine at 1500 RPM. Could it be Harmonics of the Engine Enclosure.

5th Apr 2003, 10:54

The writer of this original review puzzles me. I've read three Honda Odyssey reviews that are worded just like this one: Torque Steer, tire rotation, ect...

I think the van's great, IMO. Very comfortable, excellent gas mileage for such a large V6 engine (3.5 l) and with plenty of power.

To the original writer: If your car is listing to one side, why would you have the dealer perform a tire rotation? Rotation will never fix this: Alignment will. Alignment is where you adjust the front tires to correct steering deficits. Rotation (and balancing) are to keep the tires from excessive wearing.

And to the poster who commented on the first dealer adjusting the tire pressure to correct for steering imbalances: You should have this dealer arrested for screwing around with pressure; that could kill you while driving. Then again, you do sound like the original poster.

18th Apr 2003, 12:56

"Steering dead and devoid of feel"???

This review really puzzles me. I own a 2002 Odyssey. In fact the MAIN reason we bought it was because of its great handling compared to every other minivan out there. Turning radius is tight, steering is pinpoint - not loose at all. I am used to driving very precise handling sports cars, and the odyssey is as close as you are going to come in the handling department. I could understand if someone was not used to driving a responsive car, that they might expect steering to be looser, and might not be comfortable at first. But to say that the steering is dead and has no feel is strange. It is spot on, and has very good feel to it. To each his own I guess. Power is very good at all levels for a minivan. Can handle high speed corners much better than any minivan out there. A great handling, performing minivan.

29th Oct 2003, 19:39

Our 2002 odyssey had a noise at about 1500 RPM as well. It turned out that the idler pulley had fallen off (factory defect). After that was repaired, a faint noise could still be heard at certain RPMs. Dealer could not duplicate. I drove with the mechanic and duplicated the problem. The dealer finally found that the acceleration cable had fallen off of one of its pulley tracks (or something like that) and the vibration of the cable was causing the noise.

The car has ALWAYS had low mileage. Roughly 14-15 mpg city and 22 mpg highway. Low acceleration, 0-60 in 10.5 seconds. My friend thinks the timing could have slipped one tooth while the idler pulley was gone, which the dealer should have checked (but admitted they didn't).

I'm going to require the dealer to check the timing based upon the low mileage, bad acceleration.

24th Aug 2008, 06:03

I've noticed that after six years of driving a 2002 Odyssey it is still looking good A little Rough on the edges but that's OK with me.