20th Apr 2007, 12:58

We have a 2001 Odyssey LX. Within the last year, we had to replace the catalytic converter (about $800). Now at 117k miles, it needs a new transmission, 3 engine mounts, and oil pan. The dealer agreed to reduce their labor somewhat and Honda agreed to mostly pay for rebuilt transmission. The total bill for work will cost us $1900. The rebuilt transmission will come with new warranty of 3 yr / 36k miles. I don't know if we are getting ripped off or not.

31st May 2007, 09:33

I don't really have a comment, but more of a question. I hear a lot about 2000 models of Honda odysseys. But I was looking to buy a 1997 Honda odyssey and was wondering if this model had the same transmission problems? If any one knows for a 100% fact then please e-mail me back. I myself have two small kids and was looking for a SAFE car to drive.


Thank you.

31st Oct 2008, 10:33

I have been the owner of a 2001 Odyssey LX after a nightmarish 3 years owning a 1995 Winstar. I have been looking at the many comments with utter shock. I'm not sure why but I have 144K for mileage with the original transmission!! My check engine light gave my some trouble a few years back but a new gas cap solved the problem. I have no real complaints on the reliability end at all but feel horrible for those of you who have. Yes, the doors stick (have since day 1) but not worth dumping the vehicle. I had 2 of the best service advisors (no longer there) and always felt well taken care of.

I will admit that currently experiencing steering wheel vibration AFTER 1st tire rotation on the new tires. Not sure what it is (I can usually figure it out) which is what bothers me the most. I know I had uneven wear on the last set of tires DESPITE proper rotation so that makes me say, hmmmmm. Waiting on what the service department finds to decide what to do. Economy sucks so I really don't want to add any debt like a vehicle without a valid reason.

Have read people dissatisfied with gas (1 on another site complained took premium gas!!) but I am quite happy with it. I have never put anything but regular in the tank and don't remember seeing anything stating use only premium gas.

The only reason I do not plan on replacing the van for another Honda is price! I strongly feel them to be over priced for what you get. Our 1st vehicle was a 1996 Civic (LOVED IT) that had to be replaced due to an accident. We could not get help from local dealer (no call backs) so we looked elsewhere. We purchased a Toyota Matrix with we loved equally as much as our Civic! That is what I am considering to replace the van when the time comes (hoping that time is not now).