5th Sep 2003, 22:27

One message said it all: "...a crappy American built van". I purchased a '96 Chevy Astro brand new and it was trouble from day one - real junk. I later had a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country (also purchased new) and it was so crappy that it made the Astro look good. (And if you Chrysler owners want to see something that will make you sick, check the resale value of your Town and Country. By the time it's two or three years old it has no resale value at all!)

I now have a 2003 Honda Odyssey and the only thing that I regret is that I didn't buy one sooner. The fit, finish, attention to detail, performance, engineering, ride and over-all quality is second to none. And about the friend's Camry being quieter than the Odyssey: well of course it is!!! The Odyssey is a MINI-VAN, not a CAR! But guess what? My Odyssey is quieter than a cargo van, or a pickup truck, or... see what I mean? Yes, it is noisier than a Camry, but try packing four adults and two kids AND their luggage in the Camry. It's a trade-off, plain and simple (one I'll take). As far as styling goes I like the looks of the Chrysler a bit better than the Honda. But the Town and Country is a classic example of beauty being only skin deep. It's really too bad that the German engineering expertise of Daimler-Benz hasn't trickled down to Chrysler. I drive over 30,000 miles per year and, for my money, the Honda is the ONLY way to go.

8th Dec 2003, 10:58

I have a 2000 Odyssey, no problems except for the side door sliding assemblies needed to be replaced due to the kids slamming them open when they get in and out of the car. I owned a Chevy Astro van, and had lots of problems with that. Both vehicles were purchased new. So, I can't blame a previous owner, only the manufacturer. I would definitely stick with the Honda. I've had the Honda for 3 years now, (only 35,000 miles- and they only other thing I have done is changed the oil regularly)

I do have to admit the factory supplied tires wear out very quickly.

7th Mar 2008, 23:49

I also find Odyssey a poor vehicle. I have had 2 transmissions go bad on my 2002 EX. At 35,000 miles and 71,000 miles. Like clockwork. Engine mounts broke too. Sliding doors fail to close on and off. Noisy. Gas mileage 15 city. Not good. Never improved with break in.

Had to pay for the 2nd replacement. Did all trans service on time, at severe service mileage. No towing. Bad vehicle. Looks good for a few years, then look out. Bad.