27th Nov 2005, 20:43

Update on our 2005 LX, I am the original author of this review. We now have 10,000 miles on the vehicle. After reading the other notes posted on mileage: we did start out with similar 16-17 mpg for the first 6000 miles; I think the A/C plays a big part in the mileage on the van as we just drove 1000 non-A/C miles this Thanksgiving and averaged 25 mpg. Also agree completely on the scratches--the interior scratches like crazy--so far after 10 months I'd say we have +50 scratches internally, just normal wear... no major hauling. I'm glad after all we stuck with the LX for the price @ $24K after a bit of haggling. I can live with some scratching on the base model--but agree if I had the $40K model I'd be a bit more cranky on the scratches. So our vote is the LX is a "keeper"--scratches and all. So far--no other issues...

5th Mar 2006, 06:27

To the original reviewer keep updating us please.

10th Sep 2006, 16:19

Update on the van--I wrote the original review. Now has 20,000 miles as of Sept 2006. Two minor issues to report. One was noisy brake pads--apparently Honda knows of the issue--we called and detailed the front brakes made much at times after heavy braking, when heated up. Example would be having seven adults in the van, using the brake on an inclined surface--example waiting to pull out into traffic flow. Honda replaced the front brake pads at 13,000 because of this. Other issue was battery, which went out (dead) at 18,500 miles while out on vacation. The battery shown "green" on the top, but would not start the vehicle. Other than that--no issues--trunk area is fairly scratched up (normal trip wear and tear), mileage is 19 around town.

20th Mar 2010, 08:52

Original reviewer update 20-Mar-2010. We just traded our van in at 60,000 miles.

Van was very good, wanted something new.

Here were the minor issues we had:

Front brakes chirping when hot - Honda had a recall, fixed.

Power steering pump noisy when very cold - Honda had a recall, fixed.

Only thing I can say is great overall vehicle, held up well. If you want a van, make sure you really, really, really want a van. Good car for starting families, but Moms will outgrow them after a few years, least that was our scenario.

What drove our trade in, van was looking at the 3rd set of tires at 60,000 - keep your tire pressure checked and rotate your tires. Again, great vehicle, but at this rate would be looking at the 5th set of tires at 100,000. Nothing is perfect in life, tough to get car-like tires to last on such a heavy vehicle.