2005 Honda Odyssey LX 3.5 from North America


Purchased mainly because it is the one


Nothing so far; brand new 2005 model.

Seems to be a good vehicle, then again it is brand new. Only time will tell. We purchased base model due to price. We figured we would not miss automatic sliding doors, automatic locks (that lock when shifting from Park to Drive) and automatic on/off lights.

The good part is this is one of the few vans that has side air bags for around $24,000 USD. The base model does have very good base features for the price; but--looking back we might have spent the extra $3000 or so for the next model up.

Other than that we are happy with the van. We only have 500 miles so far.

Only issue we've noticed is it seems the doors need to be shut a bit harder than anticipated to get the "door ajar" light to go out. This may be just the vehicle getting worn in. We'll see...overall no complaints...

General Comments:

Re-designed model new for 2005.

We purchased LX model, chose over Toyota Sienna and new Saturn Relay due to price for safety features.

Good basic safety features for price.

Wished we might have purchased "next model up" for a few nice features we are missing (power doors, automatic headlights and doors).

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Review Date: 26th January, 2005

24th Aug 2005, 15:56

Can any of you newer Odyssey owners comment on the gas mileage issue?

13th Oct 2005, 16:33

To the owner getting 16.1 mpg: I would try some Shell gasoline and see what you get, then start talking again. Perhaps trying a mid grade might also help some, but the car supposedly doesn't need premium. You could try all three and see what you get with each. You might be surprised! You have to balance the cost versus the mileage you get. Make sure your tires are at the proper psi levels also. You could also try jacking up the car and seeing if each wheel spins relatively freely or not. If it doesn't, you could complain to the dealer about that. Dragging brakes can hurt your mileage. Some brake drag may be inherent with disk brakes, as they self adjust.


Andy Goetz

2005 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5 6 cylinder from North America


No sentence, one word, fantastic!


I previously wrote about my negative experiences with my 2002 Chrysler Town and country. The fact that I had a good experience with my 1999 Toyota Siena and bad experiences with my 2002 Town and Country made me trade in that Van with only a tad over 18,000 miles (I bought it in 2003). This year alone, the Chrysler Town and Country had two recalls. The first was for replacement of the upper power steering hose. The second and most recent is for electrical fires from the rear speakers.

General Comments:

The 2005 Honda Odyssey is the best vehicle I have ever owned (so far)! It's too soon to tell, but the mileage is good even though the engine cranks out 255 HP. The handling is very good, it is more like driving a car then a van until you look around at all of the room you have. An added plus is the removable center middle row seat that makes it an 8 seater rather then a 7 seater. The seat belt for this chair comes down from the roof, brillient!This van has a lot of pep from that 3.5 liter engine and 5 speed transmission. The car is made of 70% American parts and 30% Japanese (mostly the transmission).

Another plus is that they no longer charge over the manufacturers sticker price, you get the colors you want and delivery is only a couple of days (mine took 3 days, it was not in stock). If you are trading in a vehicle, don't settle on the first price, we saved $3,000 on ours by "negotiating".

So far, a real great experience, very happy!

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Review Date: 5th November, 2004

14th Dec 2004, 10:17

Steve, this is a 2005 Odyssey, not a 2004. I am the author.

Sam S.