2005 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/DVD 3.5 from North America


The best minivan you can buy


Nothing - new vehicle.

General Comments:

Adults can fit comfortably in the third row. We traded in our Honda Pilot because the third row is really not intended for use by normal-sized adults. Kids are OK - no adults. The Odyssey is a different story. I was able to sit in the third row with the second row seats in their rear-most position, and my knees were still 2-3 inches away from the seatbacks. There would be ample room if the second row passengers moved their seats forward even slightly, which they can easily do without compromising their comfort as there is a huge amount of legroom for the second row.

The engine is the same as offered in the Pilot - 255 HP, 3.5L. However, the EX-L and Touring models have a new variable cylinder management system. At cruising speeds, it shuts off three of the six cylinders to conserve fuel consumption. This allows it to achieve a reported 28 mpg for highway driving. We haven't taken it on any extended trips, so I can't confirm this, although Honda is pretty accurate (in my experience - this is my/our fifth Honda) in their mpg estimates. The activation and deactivation of the three cylinders is imperceptible, and the only hint that the system is working is the "ECO" light on the dashboard. However, this light doesn't necessarily mean that the system is active, but rather than the engine is running at its most efficient.

The DVD system is much more valuable than I anticipated. I wanted to consider some aftermarket DVD installation, but my wife wanted it integrated. Other than fighting over what to watch, our kids are mesmerized by the system. The DVD loader is up front at the bottom of the center console. The system has a removable remote control that is very handy. It also includes two wireless headphones that have very, very good sound quality. They allow the kids to watch/listen while we listen to the radio over the regular speakers.

The cargo room is huge. Even with the third row seats up, there is still a large and deep well at the rear. We have a stroller and other stuff back there and haven't had to fold down one of the rear seats yet for extra cargo room. We routinely drove our Pilot with the third row seats folded down because there wasn't enough usable cargo room when they were up.

The dual power sliding doors are great. They can be opened or closed from buttons on the dashboard or via the remote. The kids can also open and close the doors without having to slam them.

The ride quality is near-luxury. Our Pilot had a good ride for an SUV, but the Odyssey is much smoother.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2005

14th Aug 2005, 20:49

My step-brother hates the Eco light, but I think he's being too picky. There do seem to be a lot of lights.

I really liked the short drive I had in his van. It does have a very short turning radius for a van.

27th Aug 2005, 10:06

Rock hit my air conditioning condenser near the radiator. Leaked. Had to pay mucho big bucks to repair. Not a warranty item. And it is a 2005 model. How ridiculous.

2005 Honda Odyssey EX 255-hp, 3.5-liter, 24-valve, SOHC, i-VTEC from North America


Of all the cars I've had in my life... This one's a Honda!


Bought the Odyssey new in December of '04 and have had no problems.

Doc says, Change oil regularly and see me in 110,000 miles. :-). Trust me, I'll let you know if anything comes up between now and then.

General Comments:

Solid performance, the 255 is impressive for a mini-van.

Dealer installed leather throughout, heated seats for driver and passenger. Very nice looks and comfortable.

Smooth, quiet ride. Handles easily.

Blind spots to the front right and rear both sides.

Driver and passenger side doors need a little extra in order to close completely. Other review indicated the same and I agree. After 2 or 3 months though, no change. (however, I have to really reach to find faults on this vehicle)

Wife likes the lazy susan in the floor, but I think it will just collect junk like every other cubby (of which there are many).

Instrument panel is straight forward, but climate control is confusing. Wait until you are at a complete stop before you try to adjust anything. There is a reason this vehicle comes with a handy little Quick Reference Guide.

MPG was low for the first 2k miles, but getting 20.5 in city and 24 on hwy. Other vans had better city mileage, but none of them performed as well as the Odyssey EX and up.

Stow-able second seat is a great addition to the '05. Granted, it can be cumbersome as you have to remove it completely, but when you need to move 8 (small) people, it comes in handy. We have used ours only twice in just over 2 months. I store it in the garage just to keep it out of the way. The option is to keep it behind the 3rd row.

The stowable 3rd row is the best on the market. Standing behind the van with the door open, the seat can be stowed with one, quick, easy movement. No need to remove the head rests.

Overall. My next car will be a Honda, and I'll go to the same dealer.

Oh yeah, 15 cup holders for 7 passengers??? OK, someone tell the minivan industry they can let up now! I need at least one hand to drive with.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2005

16th Feb 2005, 10:28

Is this a 2004 or 2005 Odyssey.. If it is the 2004 it has 240 horsepower. If it is the 2005, then it does have 255.

I think you may have become confused.

8th Mar 2005, 10:10

I have had my 2004 Odyssey LX for over a year now, no major problems yet. The transmission has a delay of maybe 3 second delay before shifting from reverse to drive. This makes it a little hard getting quick "get go" backing out of your driveway into traffic. The passenger air bag light is too sensitive with weight I.E. if you place a box in the passenger seat, it will cause the air bag light to go on. My 6 year old son sometimes sits in front and the light comes on unless he shifts his weight around to turn it off. Dealer has advised me this is normal, but it seems to get worst. The heater vents in the back sometimes do not turn on, depending on how your switches are set on the controls (if you have defroster on and the vent, the rear vents do not seem to work.) Overall, I would still say it is a good van. I am hoping they have fixed the transmission problem people have been having with the 2000-2003 models. If not, I recommend getting the extended warranty incase you do have problems.