2005 Honda Odyssey from North America


Like many others, I had the AC suddenly cut out on me in the over 100 degree Alabama weather. I too was also told that a rock hit the condenser, and that Honda would absolutely not cover it under warranty. I think that a manufacturer defect like not protecting the condenser should be covered, and that with an over 30,000 car and an expensive extended warranty, Honda is making excuses and needs to hear from their unsatisfied customers.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2007

2005 Honda Odyssey Touring from North America


I've had two Odysseys now and have had A/C problems with both. No more Hondas for me


The brakes (naturally) but now our air conditioning went out today... and it was 106 degrees here in Nashville!

I'm taking it in tomorrow to have it repaired, but I must say, after reading what I've read on the internet, I'm dreading the diagnosis.

We owned a 2000 Odyssey and had to replace the fan motor on it so I think this is it for us with Hondas.

There must be a reason why Toyota is still #1.

General Comments:

I have been disappointed with the Touring model especially since you pay so much more for it than the other models. The idea of the Run Flat tires is nice, but they make for a very stiff ride. You feel every bump in the road and it's more "bouncy" than our 2000 was. Granted you have peace of mind when it comes to having a flat tire or a blow out, but be warned you are sacrificing a bit of comfort.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2007

2005 Honda Odyssey EX-L 3.5 V6 from North America


Well worth the price



No unscheduled dealer visits

Will have to replace tires and brakes in the next 5k or so.

Oil changes, wiper blades, air filter have been the only things done to car.

General Comments:

It been a reliable family vehicle. Pretty good on gas. The car can get up and go with out any trouble. It handles great for a vehicle of its size. Very good on long trips.

The biggest gripe is its heating controls. What ever happened to knobs..

The other gripe and it's a real small one. A change drawer. They give you 15 cup holders, but nowhere to put your change??

I plan on keeping this car for the long haul. It will be interesting to see how well this car will hold up to 3 kids.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2007

17th Feb 2007, 19:32

Wait a few miles until your transmission fails and then let us know how wonderful your van is.

19th Feb 2007, 10:53

When there is a problem I'll post it.. trust me.

4th May 2007, 20:22

Original poster here

My first expense. Tires @ 36k.

27th Oct 2007, 15:27

Anyone had trouble with tread life on the tires? I have only 10k on the new set and I swear I'm down 50% on the tread. Oh yeah.. I just had to replace the rear pads (45k). Still a great car. Sorry domestic car fans.

4th May 2008, 19:21

I just sold my 05 Odyssey to my sister and purchased an 08. It had 60k miles on it. Needed tires at 45k ($550), and had the f/r brakes ($200) at 55k miles. What a great car!

28th Aug 2008, 21:31

Had to replace a defective battery@55k. Dealer replaced it under warranty.Can't complain about stealership service other than the battery failing.

10th Sep 2008, 22:33

New front brake pads and rotors @64k.

12th Sep 2009, 23:10

I can't get rid of the shimmy in my steering wheel. It happens between 65 TO 75 MPH. Dealer says I'm crazy, just live with it. Total BS.

2005 Honda Odyssey EXL GAS from North America


Annoying loud noises, grinding brakes, poor gas mileage and poor dealer service is a bad combination


Loud exhaust noise at 2000 rpm. Like an old car with holes in the muffler. No solution according to dealer.

Windshield wind roar and noise. Dealer also has no solution.

Brakes groan and make big noises sometimes. Dealer has no solution. I do not feel safe with groaning brakes.

Vibration at 60 mph. Rebalanced tires, not changed. Dealer has no solution.

General Comments:

3rd row seat has a big tire cover which takes much shoulder room. Much less shoulder room than the old model.

Gas mileage poor. 14 city 20 hwy. What a disappointment. Sales man says they are all like that. Before the sale, dealer claims mileage is good, that the EPA sticker says is what people get. Next car will be smaller with better mileage.

I avoided Pax tires. Dealer is so unhelpful that it would be bad to depend on this dealer for tires since Pax tires are dealer only now. Yes, I have called tire places in town, and they do not service Pax. Dealer has no chance for repeat business. Honda repeat business, hanging by a thread.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2006

20th Jan 2007, 15:29

I agree with the comments on mileage. My 2005 Odyssey actually started with decent mileage, about 300 miles to the tank. Now I am lucky if it reaches 200 miles to the tank. Roughly 13 MPG in complete city driving.

The dealer tells me its my wife's driving habits. Just completely disappointing. I would have bought a Suburban if I knew that I would be getting this kind of mileage. At least I would have more power and space.