29th Aug 2006, 07:23

I own a 06 EX-L...Haven't had any of those issues myself.. But a Honda is just a machine... and machines do break..

10th Sep 2006, 16:10

Sounds like a lemon-I agree. We have a 2005 with 20,000 miles and no issues.

3rd Apr 2007, 09:26

Lemon? A lemon is a vehicle that has been to the dealership many times and Can't SEEMED TO BE FIXED. Not a vehicle that has a loose spare tire holder or a misplaced piece of trim.

28th Apr 2007, 13:05

So did the dealership give your money back on the lemon you bought?

30th Sep 2007, 21:58

I don't a van with MANY similar complaints from multiple people constitutes as a lemon. Brakes, poor fuel eco, handling, exhaust, etc are very common complaints. There are several TSBs out there which I am surprised that they have not been turned into recalls. Never buying a Honda again... and I have bought them since 1980.

8th Oct 2007, 14:01

I have all the problems listed above with my 2005 Odyssey:

Plus I had AC problems twice within 2 months.

This car is really "Hell" of the fame.

I will never buy a Honda car again!

People, don't let the name "Honda" fool you; they are all made in USA, just like GM cars.

15th Nov 2007, 23:35

I have an 05 and I do have some of those issues, but there are no big deal! Noises and vibration issues are common in many cars. Minivan can create lots of noises due to their sliding doors. As long as the car does not leave me stranded, I can live with noises, vibrations, and misaligned glove boxes...

16th Nov 2007, 10:11

I'm no fan of Honda, but the only valid complaint that I see is the power locks and windows not working, and possibly the alignment (unless they just aren't familiar with the concept of front-wheel drive cars pulling to the side). For goodness sake, it's just a minivan, not a Cadillac!

16th Nov 2007, 12:53

It is no Cadillac Cimaron nor an STS, but it sure does hold its value better.

30th Jan 2009, 16:24

Consumer Reports has reported that the problems mentioned here are common in nature. It wasn't rated well for body integrity, power equipment, or body hardware. Unfortunately this wasn't merely a lemon; it is too close to typical to be called that. Be thankful, though, that its not the transmission trouble that the last Odyssey was known for.