20th Jul 2006, 23:38

Hmmm, an LX Ody in my neighborhood does not cost 32K it costs 26,000. I don't know where you are from cause you used miles instead of Kilos so you are most likely from the USA. By the way, down the road the Windstar would have given you a migraine compared to what the Ody would have...

21st Jul 2006, 07:50

Your talk will not save Ford or GM. They have to learn their lesson for building undesirable cars! Think about it. The Malibu is always the pre generation Camry and the Fusion is built to beat out a 2002 Camry and 2001 Accord. Pathetic!!! I am keeping my money on something fresh and something that is not copying old Japanese cars.

21st Jul 2006, 10:04

Agreed with the Japanese myth. we tried two Japanese cars. one was a Toyota and the other was a Subaru. the Toyota DIED at 140,000 and was babied its whole life. The Subaru that we had has been nothing, but trouble and we are trying to sell it right now. We've had Chryslers our whole lives and they have been a gem. Our Neons that we have now have been great and both have over 200,000 miles and they've been babied, abused, oil changes every 20,000 miles... and they are yet to give us lip lol. but we're now giving them the care they need lol.

21st Jul 2006, 22:32

I am so confused. I have gotten to 235,000 miles on my Accord and have had no trouble; a friend of mine has 285,000 miles on his Accord with no trouble; my neighbor has 225,000 on his Civic and has no trouble; the parts car I get my parts from has 250,000 and died in a accident. My Uncles Avalon, used to be a commuting car from California to Minnesota, has over 260,000 miles on it. My family and neighbors drive Fords and Chryler's and they have to replace things like transmissions, computers, head gaskets, ignition switches, ecu's, etc, and all the Honda's and Toyota's have had to have replaced are the CV boots, timing belt, Muffler, cap and rotors, and basic tune ups. Transmissions if they are not cared for. If you want to know why I and many others buy Japanese, it is because we are tired of the quality control coming out of Dearborn and Auburn Hills.

23rd Jul 2006, 16:04

I am now on my fourth Honda. Not a problem to speak of yet. There is always that possibility I guess. I have also owned a several domestics. Ford being my worst experience. But many others swear by them.

Enjoy your $32000 Odyssey LX. I will enjoy my $30000 Odyssey EX-L.

5th Aug 2006, 11:05

Enough with your "Myths". Just because Honda or Toyota build a one or crappy cars doesn't mean their other models are garbage too. The Accord and Civic is one of the mos desired car on the market right now. I won one and have never had a problem with since I got it on 2003.

One bad vehicle from Honda, does not glorify GM or Ford. They been building cars that fall apart as soon as they leave the lot. They are lemons as soon as they leave the showroom, no wonder GM is in such trouble. Recent studies have confirmed that a 3 year old American car has as much problems if not more than an 8-year old Japanese car.

Look at these forums, and look at the complaints from Honda Accord and Chevy Malibu of the same year from 1998- present, you'll see a major difference. I'll take a Japanese car over any American car any time.

22nd Aug 2006, 14:42

Please, buy your GM and Ford vehicles. That will keep the price of my next new Honda down when it's time to buy.

28th Feb 2007, 11:56

For your information, the Odyssey is all American. Who do you think builds it with American-made parts? It was even designed here in the U.S. In fact, it's more American than your outsourced parts GM or Ford - with parts are made in Brazil, Mexico, Korea, and Australia.

That's the reason for the Odyssey's problems. Most Hondas at least have some Japanese input thrown in, but not the Odyssey. We don't even have the same Odyssey as the rest of the world. Theirs is made in Japan and they are extremely reliable. I would never buy a 1999 or newer Odyssey.

However, Honda still makes a better car than any of the American companies. When was the last time Japanese car comanies had to worry about a strike? Toyota in the early 50's. The quality's better because the worker is treated better.

The Japanese generally spend more time in research and development than domestic car companies. I went to school for Transportation Design and I can assure you that over 70% of designers at domestic car companies drive imports as their personal vehicles. Makes you wonder...

24th Jan 2008, 21:23

The fact that you paid 32,000 for an LX speaks volumes... Oh yea, I believe you...

29th Mar 2009, 22:26

I have owned 7 Hondas over the past 20 years. Think Honda - Toyota - Nissan if you want reliability. I currently own a 2007 Honda Odyssey and shake my head when I get into Windstars or Caravans. You definitely get what you pay for...