1999 Honda Passport LX Isuzu V6 from North America


Very reasonable purchase


The air conditioning was not working when we got it, so we got a sizable discount to allow for repairs. One of the hoses had a hole in it that was leaking refrigerant. We had that replaced and it still is not working. Now we are told that the condenser has a bad clog and needs to be replaced.

Other than that, nothing else so far, although I am now aware of some common problems with these cars to look out for.

General Comments:

This SUV makes it easy to understand why people started buying SUVs so much as it is fun to drive. The Isuzu Rodeo and subsequent Honda Passport were some of the first successful mainstream SUVs and I can definitely say that I prefer them over an Exploder or Blazer.

These cars are FAST!! That Isuzu V6 is a magnificent engine if watched carefully. Always check the oil, because these cars do use some, as everyone knows by now. It really depends on how you drive it. If you go easy on acceleration, it does not use much, if any. However, if you accelerate very quickly all the time, it will use at least one quart between changes.

Ours seems to be very good so far, all of the warning lights come on and go off like they are supposed to when the car is started and our gas gauge works well! I do want to get the transmission serviced soon as it is older and this may not have been done much before. Here's something nice; the transmission fluid can only be checked from UNDER the car! How lovely.

The Passport is well built for an SUV of this vintage. All of the power windows, locks, etc. still work like new unlike the newer Blazer that we test drove that had a lot of issues. The interior is rattle-free, which is impressive given the very truckish ride. It is easy to park and has a tight turning radius. My average fuel economy has ranged from 18 to 24 MPG.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2007

17th Jun 2007, 10:54

Used to own an Isuzu Rodeo (the passport's evil twin). So glad it is gone. Very unsafe unreliable and expensive vehicle to repair. It is not a Honda. I hope it works for you, but feel you opened yourself too many dollars out of pocket.

5th Jul 2007, 22:40

Update: We got the air conditioning fixed. The dryer sack with the small silica gel beads had burst at some point before we got the car and the beads clogged up the expansion valve and condenser. Our excellent foreign car mechanic replaced the expansion valve and cleared the condenser out. The price for this wound up being about $400 since the valve is under the dash, requiring a fair amount of labor. The air works great now and the vehicle has had no other faults, so here's hoping! Also, the lowest MPG to date has been 18. I have gotten as much as 24 when I drove mostly on the highway.

1999 Honda Passport from North America


If running correct, (Great) Poor on Safety issue with Fuel Pump


The Fuel gauge never worked, but during winter months it was OK. Engine shuts off while driving at high speed because of faulty Fuel sensor/Fuel pump assembly.

Check engine light will come on, related to Fuel Pump.

General Comments:

We like the Passport, but it turns out there is a problem all over America with the Fuel Pump. It can be a danger and could cause death while driving at a high speed (Engine Shut Off). Honda is aware of the problem, but it will take a death before the dealer will do a recall. Myself I am taking one step above With the Fed Reg for help now.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2006

23rd Mar 2007, 08:35

We have a 1999 passport and love it too. Does eat oil, but no leaks. However, I do agree on this fuel pump, our's has been replaced 3 times. First time at 8,000 miles, 2nd time at 39,000 miles and 3rd time at 79,000. Never would show how much gas we have in the tank or stall out. Next time if it goes out I will have to fork out the money for it. So I would have to say there is a problem with the fuel pump and not miles or age. Unless fuel pump is like a gas filter and replace each time on a tune up?

1999 Honda Passport LX from North America


Bad buy, backed by bad service, because of a bad business partnership


Uses a quart of oil every 1,000 miles. Manual indicates oil change only needed every 7500 miles, but car only holds total of 6 quarts. Started this at less than 30,000 miles.

Fuel gauge stopped working completely.

Fuel light blinks when tank is full, sometimes.

Compressor on air conditioner failed at 36,000 miles.

4 wheel drive does not disengage properly anymore. Sometimes requires shutting off of engine and restart to disengage.

Plus all of the other things that Honda actually recalled.

General Comments:

Honda's service departments repeatedly state that this is actually an Isuzu (which did manufacture the car) and complain about servicing it, despite branding, marketing, and selling the automobile as their own.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2005