2001 Honda Passport EXL from North America


Crossing my fingers!


I just got the 2001 Honda Passport almost 2 months ago. Just like a everybody else, I thought I was getting a Honda car.

The gas meter always shows empty even when full. So I took it to the mechanic and I got that Fuel Level Sensor code Code P0463. So the repair will be about $600 ($400 part, $150 service and it is not at the dealer). The fuel level sensor is attached to the gas pump and cannot be purchased without it, hence the $400 price for the part.

All of a sudden one of the windshield wipers stopped working. This wasn't a motor problem, rather it was a broken rod ($200 repair including about $45 parts), which can happen. But now, also, windshield wipers will act up randomly. Most of the times, the wipers will stop long after I set them in off position, and other time will not stop at all until I turn the car off, and the back on.

Wipers fluid intake tank brace, which holds it in place broke and I had to replace it ($18 part).

General Comments:

All in all, I have this car for less than two months, and the car runs very well and it is comfortable to drive. However, I am now crossing my fingers as I take the car to the mechanic to replace the fuel level sensor, which comes together with the gas pump.

I am disappointed because I thought I bought a Honda, until I called the dealer for part prices and they told me to call Isuzu, because the were the makers for the 2001 Passport, not Honda!

I have owned the car for less than 2 months and my total cost, with today's repair will be about $850 dollars... I am nervous folks!

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Review Date: 24th July, 2009

2001 Honda Passport from North America


Good overall car with poor gas mileage


The only problems thus far with my 01' Passport have been the CD player is now broke. The CDs would not eject, and when you turn the car on or switch it to the CD player, a grinding noise came from it.

And just recently the back windshield wiper stopped working. The sprayer still sprays, but the wiper just doesn't seem to want to move at all. I have checked all of the fuses and none are blown. Very frustrating.

General Comments:

Kind of fast, but I wish that I could put a turbo or super charger on it to beef it up a little.

Very touchy steering.

Very spacey.

Poor gas mileage, even for an Isuzu built machine.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2009

2001 Honda Passport LX from North America


Overall, this has been a very good car for me


The passenger side back door handle broke off, which is pretty annoying.

The driver side rear door lock does not always unlock completely when you use your key/alarm/lock fob thingy. Sometimes, most of the time, I have open the driver side door and lift the lock up, as well as the outside door handle.

I've never really been happy with the brakes, but plan on replacing the rear drums and front rotors soon, as well as the pads for each.

General Comments:

Pretty powerful when needing to pass other cars as well.

It isn't all that comfortable on long trips. The seat belt bothers my shoulder.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2009

2001 Honda Passport EX 3.2 V6 cylinder from North America


The worst car I have ever owned


The transmission wouldn't go into gear, and then it went out at 100000 miles, but we fixed it.

Now at 103000 it sits in my dad's back yard with a blown engine, with no reason why.

Before this happened we checked the oil before leaving my dad's. Twenty miles later checked it again, it had no oil in it, with no smoke or leaking problems.

General Comments:

We are a young couple, just got married in July 7, 07. We needed a reliable car to get us on our honeymoon so two months before we bought a 2001 Honda Passport, for 10000.

After less than 6 months, it starts acting up. We find out the O2 sensor needs to be replaced. We replace it. Then two weeks later it starts acting up again. So we start checking the oil every time we got in it to drive. Every time it wasn't even on the dip stick, even if it was to drive 6 miles to the bank. I would check it before I got in and then fill it back up. We had to get oil so much the parts guys knew us by name and had a box waiting. There was no reason that anybody could find why.

Then the transmission went out. It cost us 2600 to fix it. So we paid it, then two months later the engine went out. So now we are 12500 in the hole and have a broken down car that is going to cost another 4000 to fix.

This SUV is the worst I have ever owned. I know it isn't actually a Honda, but they should have helped their customers. For that I will never buy a Honda again.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2009

7th Mar 2009, 13:22

Service for these trucks is difficult at Honda dealers. That's the problem with badge-engineering. Our 2004 Accord bought in March '04 has had not ONE problem other than routine service.

11th Mar 2009, 12:30

You need to let the vehicle sit on level ground for at least an hour before checking the oil.

If you check it after driving it will read very low as all the oil is pumped up around the engine. If you then throw in more oil you will be overfilling it - and that will lead to problems.