16th Sep 2001, 13:59

I used to work in the motor trade (fortunately only for a brief spell) and only once had the pleasure of driving a Prelude 2.2 V-TEC. Have to say that without doubt, it was the best car I have ever driven - ie Impreza Turbos, 328i's, Fiat 20V Turbo Coupes etc. The Prelude was a '96 on an N-plate. It had 4-wheel steering but I don't know if it had traction. I took it for a blast round my private test track which included a tightening curve slip road onto the motorway. Most other sports cars started to get out of shape at 60mph on this bend. The Impreza to it's credit held on to 70mph, but all were well and truly whipped by the Predule which took the bend at 80. I thought things were about to go pear-shaped, but the 4 wheel steering came into its own and the car went round with no drama at all. It may not be as quick as a Scooby Turbo, but in my book, the Prelude is in a different league from the Impreza for driving enjoyment. It's quick, refined, handles like nothing else, and is pure ecstasy to drive (getting carried away here!). I'm now on the look out for a good import V-TEC. Unfortunately, there are too many import dealers out there selling rubbish which appears clocked, accident damaged, and comes with no history (not that I can read Japanese anyway, but it would be nice). With salesmen that tell you the SVA test makes sure the car is safe, not stolen, and not clocked, you've got to steer past the crap and use your nogin.

29th Jul 2005, 13:24

This is for the mate. 1993 Honda Preludes do have 4WS. I never heard of them having traction control and 13 speakers? I wish mine does.