6th Aug 2004, 18:34

I can't believe you have the nerve to talk down on a Prelude. I've owned 7 cars in my 2 years of driving, and my 1988 Honda Prelude is the only one that can handle my abuse. I paid 400 for my prelude about a year ago. The sunroof seal has been replaced, rust has been sanded out and I've had to replace both front fenders due to rust. My exhaust was shot, replaced it. This car is amazing, for 16 years old and 190,000+ miles with a 17 year old behind the wheel with a heavy right foot... it's a beautiful, reliable car. I don't push it anymore, I give this car my respect. It passed the TUFF emissions we have with the ORIGINAL EGR/Catalytic converter! My 1989 Toyota Celica couldn't even do that! And it only had 140,000! 1988-1991 Preludes do have Automatic transmition issues. I'm not exactly sure because I went with the amazing smooth shifting 5 speed. Id say work on it a little at a time. Fix that seal for the sunroof. Then get that transmission checked out estimate for rebuilt/replacement with a JDM model. Then start working on the rust and then at last paint it. These are very good cars, Honda is known for reliability and the Prelude is the Top of the line Honda. Civics, Crxs, Accords just don't feel like they fit me as well as the Prelude (I'm 6'0 210lbs).

12th Nov 2004, 03:08

God Bless you, I believe you 100%. I was a smog inspector in a major US city and one of the main cars we hated to see coming was a Prelude. They all failed, every one of them. I also was a party to a Civic that disintegrated by 160,000 miles.

Being charitable, most Civic and Accord issues were related to letting the valves and pistons touch dance thanks to an undermaintained Timing belt... but those problems are UBIQUITOUS!

Hondas are colossally overrated. I'd rather have a Pinto.

6th Apr 2005, 19:06

I had a different experience with my 88 Prelude Si. It has been a great car, but after 132,000 miles I was faced with a stringent California smog test for older cars. If it failed or was a polluter, I was going to donate it. The only problem I had with the car was with the paint (black and I used dishwater liquid to wash it and live in sunny California where it wasn't garaged). The recommended place to have it painted was near the special smog station.

When I took the car in to be smog checked, the mechanic left and about ten minutes later said he'd like to go over the results. He showed me what was average, and in all cases my car's scores were way off the charts in the right direction! Afterwards, I drove by the paint shop and left it to be repainted. Now it is my second car, and it is getting me around until my Volvo undergoes its recall (possible engine fire). I drive my Prelude around town for fun.

15th Apr 2009, 21:01

This is interesting. Everyone slams the European cars and then uses Honda as the ruler of civilization when it comes to reliable cars. When someone posts something negative about them they go ballistic. :)

I had a 1988 Honda Prelude. It was a great little car and was fun to drive. That of course was until it hit 200K. My well maintained nearly perfect car went to h*** in a hand basket FAST. Most of the accessories such as the Alternator, Water pump, Power steering pump and A/C compressor failed one after another with very expensive repair costs. My CV joints went and then the clutch went as well. Essentially the car fell apart as if it was designed to do such right at 200K.

Ever notice why you don't see many Japanese cars above 200K while there are tons of Mercedes and Volvo's with much more than that?

2nd Sep 2009, 02:26

So basically you're saying parts which got old needed replacing?