6th Jan 2013, 10:53

5 years? I have 2 strong running 1970 Chevrolets in my garage. Very desirable, nicely optioned and turn key. Both have shot up in spite of the economy. Maybe you should buy them too. I know making money is not for everyone, in spite of all the fun owning them. Daily drive a plain beater and drive it into the ground. Put your better money in a car that does well in the 5 year span you mentioned!

6th Jan 2013, 16:17

Where does the idea that domestics only last 5 years come from? Our 10-year-old GM has nearly 120,000 miles on it with never a single repair. Not even brake pads.

Our Chrysler had over 240,000 miles on it when we sold it running as good as new. The only repairs were two timing belts, two brake jobs and one heater hose.

Our Ford was traded after 19 years and 300,000 miles. It had cost us less than $500 in total repairs.

None of our three imports came even close to this kind of reliability. We will never even look at another import.

I visited my nephew last week and was not at all surprised to see that he is still driving his 27-year-old Mercury Cougar, which is still in mint condition.

8th Jan 2013, 16:25

My father and I have driven full size company cars since the 60s. V8 domestics. We always have had the ability to buy our company cars with high odometer readings. The Impalas, Delta 88s, Crown Vics lasted long afterwards. Now we are driving 6 cylinder Crossovers. I am not sure yet if they will last as long, but will keep you posted. We have easily driven well over a million miles each, all work related. Keep oil and filters changed; it's not at all difficult anymore. The V8s have far less strain on air conditioning systems, stop and go driving, and running a lot of power accessories. They cruise effortlessly.

15th Jun 2013, 09:46

Squeaks do not constitute a lemon! How has it been mechanically?