28th Jun 2006, 23:48

How many bales of hay do 85% of all trucks tow, or sheets of plywood, and how many own motorcycles? What is not considered about trucks is that most of them are driven around and used only occasionally for hauling. This niche that Honda has made with the Ridgeline is truly something that the domestics have to live up to. Reliability? Hello, only Toyota could probably meet or exceed the Ridgeline!!! Ride quality-- the Ridgeline will win and that is where it is a winner.

29th Jun 2006, 14:35

Domestics have had 4 door 4x4 pickups with small beds for quite some time now. So I don't think the ridgeline is anything special.

30th Jun 2006, 01:47

That's great and all, but from everyone I've spoken to who actually drives a truck, the Ridgeline is just inadequate. Domestics having something to live up to? Yeah, just like the Corvette has to live up to the precision and speed of the Civic, and those crappy Cadillacs just don't measure up to the refinement of an Accord. Yeah, I could read Lemming Motor News too (also known as Motor Trend/Car & Driver/ Road & Track), but then I'd forget that if I ever actually have need of a truck, I'll be sad when my 3.5L V6 (ooohhh) can't seem to out-pull any domestic (oh, wait. Maybe the Ranger base model, or an S-10 2.2.). Chevy's base engine is a 4.2L straight-six. And it's considered the bare minimum for a work truck, but if you want to tow, you'll want the 6.0L V8, or the 8.1L, for heavy towing. I know every time Honda makes anything, it's automatically ten times better in every respect than anything American, but since your Civic beats our Viper, and your Accord beats our DeVille, can't we at least be better at trucks? Funny how you never see a Ridgeline actually hauling or pulling anything. My car doesn't have a trailer hitch either.

4th Jul 2006, 05:04

The last responder was right on. The big three face more of a challenge from the Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan than they ever will from the Honda Ridgeline, when it comes to truck sales. It appears to me that Honda tried to copy the looks from the Chevrolet Avalanche when designing this truck.

24th Jul 2006, 00:02

You must remember that the first unitized frame for truck, patended Uniframe by Jeep in 1984, is now used as a so-call modern design by Honda. You can pretend to be a leader in design, but forget you're a follower.

28th Jul 2006, 23:27

Get real, imports have taken over compact cars, sports bikes, luxury cars, rwd sports cars, and minivans. They've only just started in the full-size truck segment. The domestics have like 50 years of experience on them.

The Ridgeline may be a little under-powered right now, but it's already surpassed the big three in reliability, innovation, and quality. It's just a matter of time before the Ridgeline, Titan, and Toyota are outperforming the domestics in every aspect. Some people just can't handle that reality.

29th Jul 2006, 08:46

How can you say honda is innovative? The 4 door truck is nothing new, like I said before and to think honda is so great for doing so is just stupid.

29th Jul 2006, 10:46

I have heard that Honda will produce a V-8 Ridgeline by its 2011 redesign. How does that sound to you all?

29th Jul 2006, 14:01

I just traded my 2004 Silverado for one. I may use my Acura TL less or not need it anymore. Nice Truck!

29th Jul 2006, 17:39

You can tell where the reviewer is coming from by attempting to compare a Pilot to a real truck. If that is his benchmark, he probably is totally infatuated with the Ridgeline and believes that it is a serious pickup. However, it is not. I agree with one of the other comments, though, as far as people not actually using trucks as trucks. The Ridgeline fills the niche for people that want to pretend they need a pickup, but will never use it, just like people that buy a Pilot to pretend they need an SUV or 4x4 but will never use it. They might haul three arbor vitae shrubs home from Wal-Mart and drive on the lawn, and think they are going "off-roading".

29th Jul 2006, 18:42

Sounds like a great "innovation" on honda's part, copying everyone else. Good for them.

2nd Aug 2006, 20:22

I agree on the Walmart comment. Having a new full size pickup I rarely ever utilized its capabilities. I still use my Acura sedan a lot, but its nice to have car like handling, lots of options and the bed size has not been a sacrifice. Most of what I ever carried fits fine. I had a Class 3 hitch before never towed anything never went other than on a dirt road once in a while. If a full size truck is what you need...fine. I never liked the handling of my full size truck... I changed wheels, tires etc. but coming from a sports sedan it was still a compromise. I didn't switch for fuel savings. Some people do not need a 4 x 4 or a big bed really at all...

19th Aug 2006, 20:38

The Ridgeline is not a truck, nor is the Tundra Nissan got it close with the Titan, but it still lacks a diesel option. As far as reliability goes I have seen just as many Hondas, Toyotas, and Nissans in the shop as domestics.

20th Aug 2006, 05:56

Well yeah we have to take our cars into the shop! My 1994 Accord broke down in my driveway at 230,000 miles because it needed a tune-up (200 bucks), and I had to replace the timing belt at 220,000 miles (550 bucks). Other than the clutch master cylinder breaking at 215,000 miles (600$ Honda), that is all my car had needed to have done to it in the 40,000 miles I have had it. And by the way, if Honda adds the V-8 option to the new 2011 Ridgeline, along with Honda's new diesel option in the future you and your American pickup will be sorry.

20th Aug 2006, 05:58

Honda is not stupid like you think they are and will probably be with Toyota and Nissan having the benchmark of pickups by the the end of the decade, Kinda like the Accord and Camry, Civic and Corolla, Sienna and Ody, Rav-4 and Crv, Fit and Yaris, etc. (should I say anymore?)

20th Aug 2006, 14:00

Did anyone comment on being practical? I had a domestic 4 wheel drive, long bed. I have owned Honda Accords, a Legend and an Acura TL all with great reliability. Every time I drove my full size Silverado I always missed driving my car. If you enjoy what you are driving and it fits the bill whats the problem? I rarely needed a full size truck it stayed parked most of the time. If anything the sedan I have is now the compromise.

24th Aug 2006, 09:34

Most people that own a pickup don't haul large loads or tow heavy trailers. Honda will gain many former Ford and GM truck owners that do not need a heavy use truck.

Ford and GM have burned too many customers through the years for this to not happen. Google "GM piston slap", "Ford Triton problems", "GM truck problems", "Ford diesel problems" and "Ford truck problems" sometime and look at the number of sites that come up. There are many "gripe sites" out there about GM and Ford products.