3rd Oct 2006, 12:56

Isn't this thing built on an Accord platform? Uh...

3rd Oct 2006, 13:09

I don't know where you've been? The Ridgeline is a 6 cyl not a 4.

3rd Oct 2006, 17:46

I hope you mean the in line 4 variant that happens to be a Honda Accord. This truck does use the Accord, Ody, Pilot, MDX, platform after all.

4th Oct 2006, 04:08

13MPG? What a joke! My Ram Hemi gets 16 to 17 on a regular basis, with 345 horsepower to have fun with.

5th Oct 2006, 11:23

What country are you from? I am apart of a Detroit family, so we study cars like there is no tomorrow, and I have never heard of a 4 cylinder Ridgeline. The Ridgeline came out in March of 2005 as an 06 model, and yes there is no V8, at least until it comes off the drawing board in the new 2011 Ridgeline; pending that there is gasoline left on earth. Please clarify what country you are from so that we may understand where you are coming from!

5th Oct 2006, 15:07

The Ridgeline may have considerably less HP (but that'll be rectified with the V8 Honda is testing), but don't forget this "truck" (I use this term loosely... I don't consider this thing to be a proper truck) weighs less than its counterparts.

Other than that, this "truck" is ugly, impractical for TRUE truck needs, and underpowered. The V8 can't get here fast enough... and either can a complete exterior redesign.

Give me a Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra any day of the week...better looking, better driving, tougher. Period.

5th Oct 2006, 18:06

I admit, I made a huge error in stating the Ridgeline came with a four cylinder. I thought I read that in a late-2004 issue of Car and Driver, but it must have been another vehicle. I apologize for my confusion.

Still, the Ridgeline is not a truck. Call it something else, and everything will be okay. It actually slightly reminds me of the GMC Envoy, but it should be called an "XUV" either.

Oh, and I am from America, of course.

6th Oct 2006, 10:39

Gotcha... sometimes you never know if you find a four cylinder Corvette or 10 cylinder Yugo in some weird place.

1st Feb 2007, 22:54

Sorry to hear that you bought a vehicle that you think is ugly and needs to be redesigned... it must have been a very good sales person. In any case, I plan to check out the Ridgeline soon. I think it looks great and I haven't yet personally met a dissatisfied Honda owner.

6th Feb 2007, 12:02

For those of you who are only here to make negative comments about the Ridge, why don't you first make sure your facts are strait. First off this Ridgeline is 98% unique. For those of you that aren't very smart this means that it is not based on a Accord, Pilot, or Oddessy platform. Only 2% of parts are shared like the motor from the Pilot (which is only offered in a 6cyl) or maybe a radio, or navigation system. Also Honda isn't known for making vehicles just like everybody else does. No, instead they look at how people actually use their vehicles and design the new products (such as the Ridge) to fit the actual needs of the buyer. I don't know of many truck owners who have actually ever towed 9 tons or have ever taken their truck to the Rubicon Trail to go 4 wheelin'. People do use trucks to pick up refrigerators, washer & dryers, Landscaping products, & lumber. They also use the 4x4 mode for snow & ice, and the occasional muddy road. Huh, sounds to me like the Ridge is the perfect truck for 70% of truck owners. If you own a business or need to haul 9 tons on a regular basis then go buy any of the other trucks. Oh, and one last thing. If you haven't gotten your facts strait on the Ridge than do you really even know anything about the other trucks?

3rd Mar 2007, 07:55

The original poster of this review is probably a salesman for a competing brand. They are probably nervous that they will lose sales to a truck that was actually designed for the majority of the truck market.

5th Mar 2007, 16:38

The Ridgeline is only a truck in that it has a small pick up bed. It is more of a car based light utility vehicle. I've seen 1 or 2 so far and they aren't designed for truck use.

They use struts all the way around, not solid axles, leaf springs or torsion bars like trucks.

Its built on a unit body structure like a car, not with a full frame like a truck.

The AWD system relies mostly on FWD as most cars do. I'm sure it would be an OK vehicle for the average yuppie.

10th May 2007, 20:19

6th Feb 2007, 12:02.

I take it you have never heard of a 1/4 ton truck.

7th Nov 2008, 14:02

Well my wife & I purchased a 2007 RTL and we love it so far. We do not haul tons of stuff, nor have a trailer. We just liked the utility of it all. Some attractions were it's all wheel drive, the bed trunk, dual-way gate, ride height, 4 cargo lights, and thoughtful placement of all controls. We never owned a Honda before so this is a new experience. I do wish it had telescoping steering instead of just very limited tilt, but that is really no problem as the seats adjust a lot. For everyday driving it has plenty of giddy-up, so the lack of a V8 is not the end of the world. Also, since it does not have a solid axle in back, the ride is a bit smoother and less truck-like, which I don't see as a complaint. Happy so far with over 27K miles on it.

22nd Feb 2009, 21:24

Too all readers on the Ridgeline: gas mileage will get better after about 5,000 miles. It's still a truck and you have to drive conservatively for best results. Should get around 17-19 overall with reasonable driving habits. Use the cruise on the highway (and just leave the master switch on, it's not located in a convenient place for activating on the fly.)

27th Mar 2009, 14:19

I've had my 08 Ridgeline for about a year and really like the car/truck. If you want a strong, heavy duty truck, then this truck is not for you. It is a nice riding automobile that will do most of the tasks that a regular pickup would do and would probably serve the needs of most people. It has lots of room, will pull my boat, and rides comfortably. Mileage around town is about 19 mpg. I would probably buy another one if I ever needed to replace this one.

6th Aug 2009, 15:21

Honda didn't build this truck to be a heavy-hauler and compete with Chevy, Ford and Dodge. They built it so people who wanted to have a reliable vehicle, but still needed to carry a bit more around than what could be done in a Civic. The Ridgeline is meant for light duty jobs. If you want a truck that can tow a 5th wheel camper or haul a load of rocks, then buy a Tundra, or at least a Ram. But avoid Chevy like the plague.

7th Oct 2011, 19:15

My 2006 Ridgeline regularly gets 25 mpg. Fuel consumption is all about how you drive it.

4th Aug 2012, 09:59

1st off, it won TOTY in 2006, the first year it was released. Toyota Tacoma won 2005.

2nd, there is no, and has never been, a 4 cylinder variant of the Ridgeline, it has always been the V6 out of the Accord, nor has it ever been sold in the U.S. as a FWD vehicle. All Ridgelines are AWD/4WD.

3rd, I don't know why everyone compares this vehicle to American full size trucks. It's not full size!!! It's about the same size as a Tacoma double cab and Nissan Frontier double cab. It is an SUV with a bed, with good towing capacity (5000lbs.) and payload capacity (1049lbs.), while bettering the ride and handling of ANY body on frame pickup, and doubling the structural stiffness. The ONLY area that it falls behind in is true off-roading ability, which is why no one who does serious off-roading would buy it. But that's not a knock on the truck, merely a trade-off of having a stellar ride.

Do a little research people.