2000 Honda S2000 2.0 from North America


Fast, reliable and easy to live with


- Rear brake calipers seized as pads were previously installed incorrectly by my mother's mechanic.

- Purchased calipers used, as they are everywhere on craigslist for $40, and I couldn't be happier :)

General Comments:

The car is quick and really fun to drive, and the reliability of the car is top notch. I was comparing the Z4 and 350z before purchasing this vehicle, and I chose this one because of the reliability of Honda and ease of obtaining parts (new or used). Mostly all parts from 2000-2009 are interchangeable, and are quite cheap if you avoid going to the dealer.

Gas is somewhat okay on the car, as it is cheaper to fill up than most cars, but mileage isn't that great, well for me it isn't (around 350-390km a tank).

One thing; just try to avoid buying one that was either supercharged or turbocharged!

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Review Date: 20th April, 2011

2000 Honda S2000 4 cylinder from North America


Great weekend car


Window regulator - had to be replaced because I kept losing auto-down feature.

CD changer just stopped reading discs.

Trunk cargo net always had one screw pop out. The dealer must have drilled the hole too big.

General Comments:

I bought this car new in 2000 and still own it 9 years later. This car is a toy. I only drive it on the weekends and would not want it as a daily driver. With that being said, this car really makes me feel like I am a part of it. It is almost an extension of myself - the steering, acceleration, braking... You think it and it is done.

People hate on the lack of torque down low - if you shift to the proper gear you will not have a problem. This car is not designed to be a dragster, however, if you want to drive it like one you need to rev the car pretty high before take off. This car gets a lot of attention. Back in 2000 and 2001 it was ridiculous, but even today it gets a lot of attention in part due to its rarity.

I wouldn't want this car as a daily driver because of the lack of interior space, lack of trunk space, low mpg, rough ride, weak radio and it is a theft/vandal target. This car was not designed to be a daily driver - it was Honda's gift to itself for its 50th birthday.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2009

2000 Honda S2000 2.0 Vtec from UK and Ireland




Seized suspension bushes

Misted up headlight.

General Comments:

The good:

Fast once you hit v-tec at 6k rpm, although hardly any faster than my previous Civic Type - R.

Excellent handling, easy to oversteer, esp in the wet, but I like that! Just grips in the dry unless you're being silly.

The best gear change I've ever experienced, (I've driven, 911's, Elise and Caterhams etc)

Quite comfortable over a long distance.

The Bad:

Thirst, I averaged about 20mpg over the 18 months I owned it.

Sluggish under 6K RPM as the gearing is tall for a car with little torque.

Gloomy cabin, well made, but typical japanese boring plastic everywhere.

Hard to see out of with the roof up which can make parking a pain.

But then you don't buy this car for the practicality!

A lot of older cars seem to suffer from seized bushes, you can either get new suspension from Honda (very expensive) or get new poly bushes, however its does take a fair bit of work to get them fitted.

All in all a great car! I've sold it and now drive a 1990 VW Polo :o (. Would a get another one, probably yes.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2008

2000 Honda S2000 2.0 from North America


Ideal blend of performance, reliability and style


Twice, two of the studs on the driver's side front wheel broke. This may have been the result of the aftermarket wheels not being centered correctly or a poor attempt to steal the wheels off my car. Never did figure it out. Regardless, it is a very rare occurrence for these cars.

When the switch is engaged to lower the top, both windows are supposed to go down. About 75% the time, the driver's side window doesn't go down all the way. This doesn't really affect anything and unlike the stud issue, this is somewhat common.

Other than that, the only issue I've had is not enough sunny days in the Pacific Northwest to drive top down.

General Comments:

In high school I was a Chevy fan and thought I would never own anything, but Chevy's. After all, that is what my parents bought and they had good luck with them. My first car was a Chevy and it treated me well. A few years out of high school, I had saved enough money for a new sports car and decided to give Honda a try. Now, I don't think I will buy another Chevy again. This car is absolutely incredible. I seriously believe it is the best sports car you can buy for under $40,000. The reasons include:

Performance: The engine in this car is amazing. 240 hp from just 2.0 liters. You have to rev it to get that power and torque is minimal. But even under low revs the car moves just fine and the sound and feel when you are approaching 9,000 RPM is to die for. The transmission, even after 64,000 miles, still shifts smoothly and precisely. The chassis in this car is rock solid, especially for a convertible. I have driven Vettes, Mustangs, SLK, the RX-8, STi Impreza, and while some of these cars may be quicker, they just are not as fun to drive. The only car I have driven that is more fun is a Lotus Elise.

Low maintenance/operating costs: Basic maintenance is easy on this car. I do my own fluid changes (oil, tranny and diff) and this can be done with basic tools. Fuel economy is good as well. I've seen as high as 30 MPG during long highway trips.

Reliability: With the exception of the above, this car has not let me down and I'm not always easy on it.

Styling: Simple, but purposeful, this car is sexy and it still turns heads.

Fit and finish: Very well executed. After all this time there are just a few squeaks and rattles and the interior has held up well. There are a few areas that I wish Honda had put a little more effort into however. The trim piece around the steering column looks cheap and doesn't quite fit correctly. Also, the carpet on the center console looks cheap, but I corrected this with an aftermarket leather piece.

Comfort: For a sports car it is relatively comfortable. The steering wheel is just right (which is good because it doesn't adjust); the shifter falls into your hand and audio and climate control features can be adjusted without taking your hands off the wheel. The seats are very supportive, though I wish there was more shoulder support.

In June, I will have owned this car for 6 years. I still get a grin on my face from driving it. It really is an ideal blend of performance, reliability and styling. And now that it's been 8 years since it's introduction, they can be bought pretty cheap. If you are in the market for a reliable and fun sports car, it definitely deserves a look.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2008