2004 Honda S2000 2.2 VTEC from North America


It isn't a toy


The only problems I have had so far in my 10,000 miles is the passenger side roof clamp became loose. It began rattling and letting water in if I was driving in the rain. It was an easy DIY fix that I found on-line.

Honda wanted to charge me $800 for 60,000 mile tune up and top adjustment. I learned that all they were going to do is change oil and filter, air filter, check joints etc.. and only change the plugs a wire if they needed it and that would be extra cost. I was able get the oil changed (synthetic) for $70.00 fixed the top myself, changed the air filter (K&N) for $55.00 and checked the plugs myself and they were fine - NGK are good for 100,000.

There is considerable wear on the drivers seat bolster from the previous owner. The trick is to get you right leg in first, get your ass in, and then sit not slide down.

General Comments:

I have always wanted an S2000. Ever since they came out in 2000 I said that I was going to own one someday. After owning several VW including a 2006 GTI, the bug in my ear finally got too loud. I decided on the 2004 model because I wanted more torque and I like the styling updates to exterior and interior.

The car handles like a dream and is not nearly as twitchy as some people say it is, you just can't be an *&%# with it.

The engine is best of both worlds. Tool around under 5,000 and she is like my 06' Miata, then kick her to floor and let her sing and wow... what a sound and feeling.

I must say it did take me a while to get used to having so little torque, but once I adjusted it was fine.

I did drive the car on a 600 mile trip. Never did the engine noise get too much for me, and I found the seat to be comfortable. (I am only 5' 6" so I have a little room to spare)

It is also amazing how much you can get in the trunk. The cut out at the bottom is perfect for a small cooler.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2009

2004 Honda S2000 2.2 Vtech from North America


WELL worth the modest price!


I just bought it yesterday... will update this if needed (hopefully not for a long long time).

General Comments:

The 2004 Honda S2000 is the most fun car that I have ever driven! I'm currently 41 and have recently owned the following... 2005 Nissan 350Z (Black on Black) which was traded in for the S2000, and before this, a 2005 Subaru WRX STi (Blue with Gold rims). GREAT car, but more for the younger crowed than a 41 year old.

Now I know that both the 350Z and the WRX STi are both excellent cars. Well, I can honestly say that for me, they just aren't nearly as fun to drive as the S2000! The STi was a real kick for the first several months, but that faded in time and it actually became just OK to drive. I wasn't excited by it anymore. With the 350Z, it felt like you were in a real solid car, almost tank-like. Because I had originally wanted a black on black S2000 in the fall of 2006 and couldn't find one locally, I settled on the 350Z - but still wanting to fill the desire for an S2000. Well, here it is just 6 months later and I just traded it in for my new 2004 S2000 - black on black, the colors I'd originally wanted.

One 1/2 hour test drive in this Honda and wow, I was hooked! I'm in Las Vegas and we were able to put the top down, cruise around some of the highways and strip area streets - and the feeling of wind blowing, the LOVELY sound of the 2.2L Vtech engine screaming (not AT ALL annoying to me - it thrills me in fact), and the awesome feel of the short shifter - so precise, and the handling of the car just absolutely sold me. I could not stop smiling the entire time. On the freeway you just think, I'd like to pass this small group of cars and be ahead of them - and it's like the blink of an eye and you are passed them all. Pure joy!

Later, when I had to get home and get some sleep for a very early work day today - FORGET SLEEP! I found myself looking out the window at the car every hour or so. I was just so thrilled to own this beautiful machine. It is just stunning and turns more heads than any other car I've had to date (about 14 all together).

Would I do this again - absolutely YES! If you have never driven an S2000 (2004 and beyond with the more powerful engine) - do yourself a favor and try it! It's just incredible.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2007

8th Sep 2007, 07:12

I couldn't agree more! Great review man, and I hope you are still enjoying your S2000 as much as I am.