2004 Honda S2000 2.2 from North America


I'm taking it back, and getting an SRT-4


I was not impressed for the performance this car put out for the money. I have had it for 26000 miles now hoping something would get better, but I am going to trade it in soon for an SRT-4. Don't get me wrong, it handles pretty well, and I have had my share of cars that can take corners, as well as run in track races every other weekend, however, I can't get this car to perform as well as an SRT-4.

When I race them on the track, even going around corners, its all I can do to keep up, and it is fairly difficult to keep the engine in its peek power band durring hard driving. the Valve timing doesn't kick in until around 5500-6000 RPMs and it redlines at 9. that's only 3000 rmps you have to keep it in, and with its 6sp manual, I am shifting it way too often, which takes away from acceleration time also.

After talking to a couple of people who I meet up with at the tracks, 3 out of 4 SRT-4s I've seen haven't had any problems within the same 25-30k the owners have put on them. the 1 out of 4 has had a warranty repair done on the e-brake cable.

General Comments:

The Interior is fine, though has developed a couple of minor squeeks so far, which I wouldn't expect for only having 26k on it, though I do drive it fairly hard.

I've been a Honda owner for a long time, but their cars are too expensive now, and after spending 31k on this, and it not keeping up with a 21k car, its time to just consider Honda an economy car company, and leave racing to someone else. the NSX is cool, but again, a ZO6 is less expensive, handles the same, and pulls harder. But all in all, way too much for what I got.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2004

3rd Jul 2004, 22:32

I'm a little surprised that you found the s2k to be lacking on the track. A few weeks ago I happened to download a video made by a Japanese crew (TVR?) that run various track tests, in which an s2k performed very well. In fact of the 6 cars in the race (Miata, RX-8, RSX Type-S, Infiniti G35 coupe, Lancer Evo, and an s2k), the s2k won with a very comfortable lead. Granted, the Miata isn't much of a challenge, but running away with a G35 coupe and an Evo on a track warrants some acknowledgment anyway.