29th Jul 2004, 04:19

I believe that it is you who are making poorly researched comments, value for money is a subjective opinion based on an individuals scarce resources and the utility gained from the product. In my opinion the S2000 does not represent a £26,0000 car, I believe that it should be priced against it's nearest rivals such as the MX5 where it's turn of speed would give it an advantage. And if you are getting into magazines read Top Gear's test between the Boxster, Z4 and S2000, the S2000 was the slowest. Oh and by the way Honda is not a quality brand it is a budget far eastern job.

31st Aug 2004, 07:09

I just traded my boxster for an s2000. Pretty happy with my decision. Box maintenance was a dog, and build quality left a bit to be desired, as does BMW 3 series (unbreakable engine-wise, but poor cosmetic reliability).

This is not to say that Box and e46 are substandard cars, because they are not. They both have a great deal to offer, however, failed to accommodate my driving style, and intended use for them.

The fact remains that the s2000 is to date, the first car I have EVER owned which has not required any substantial additional $ spent on it in order to keep it happy, nor has it required any performance or cosmetic upgrades to accommodate my driving style and infrequent track days.

So, if you're a serious driver, go the s2000.

14th Dec 2004, 07:02

In fairness I think the S2000 is a quality car and remedial comments to the contrary are unfounded and a little stereotypical. I am in the process of purchasing an s2000 and am impressed with the reviews, currently driving a Fiat Coupe (£24,000) 20vt (220 bhp as standard) I feel the styling cannot be matched within that price range, but the s2000 has reliability, performance and a soft top in its favour.

4th Aug 2005, 09:06

I have just bought a S2000GT it is a magnificent car. The body styling in every area really is flawless. The driving position and cockpit design is comfortable and efficient. The performance and handling is a joy to behold.

The car is a real babe, a stunning looker.

5th Nov 2005, 09:54

Hi there - the S2000 is not faultless. It is a little heavy on tyres and does need an understanding hand in the wet, but it is still the best car and greatest fun that I have ever had.

Been lucky to have had some fairly interesting cars over the past 30 years - CV8 Mk111, Interceptor, M535, 450SEL, Subaru WRX, etc etc.

Base on all of this, the past two years and 19,000 miles have been a joy and has regenerated my interest in driving - even in the the south east. Perhaps it is the combination of soft top down and that amazing engine.

18th Nov 2005, 06:32

Is that Guy joking... how can you make absurd comments about this Honda. Buy one, Drive one, race one then make a comment until then I suggest you keep your reviews about this car to yourself! The comments which have been made above blow my mind, how can you say this Car doesn't represent excellent Value for money and how can you compare this to a Mazda!

This car puts a smile on my face every time I step foot inside it!

27th Dec 2005, 12:30

I bought my S2000 just under 3 years ago and have not regretted it for one second. It is wonderful to drive and its performance is, for the money, excellent. As far as looks are concerned, it's an eye turner for sure. From children, to pretty girls... and of course their envious boyfirends. Go ahead, buy one!

28th Dec 2005, 20:45

I'm looking at purchasing an S2000, I have yet to read any real negative comments from any owners. I agree, if you've never driven one, how can you possibly make a comparison. I drove one just last week and fell in love. Granted I haven't driven any European (bank account restrictions :P) cars, but have compared them to many American sports cars.

As far as wet/snow driving...it's a RWD, what can you expect, keep it under 6K rpm to prevent the torque shift and all should be well. I can't wait to park one in my driveway.

Anyway, I've looked and can't find the difference between the Roadster and GT, can any of you tell me?