1996 Honda Stepwgn G model 2.0 litre (B20b) from North America


Awesome! Axe the Odyssey, and start selling these in its place!


Nothing, not one thing! I absolutely love it.

General Comments:

This is a model never offered in North America (I think maybe not outside of Japan either, but I'm not 100% on that). It uses the B20b out of the CR-V, and is real-time 4WD (could be full time, I have not confirmed this yet). Built on the Civic platform like the CR-V, from what I have read. So it drives just like a Civic, despite its larger size.

Huge hood to service, just like the Civic as well.

The rear brakes are discs from the Prelude (I have read).

Can take 8 people (had a full car including a baby seat, and had lots of room for all), all rear seats fold flat to make a bed for camping (you would need an air mattress though, because of the seat belt parts that stick up a little), the rear seats fold up and out of the way for more cargo space, the middle row can swivel around to face the rear seats, and one side seat turns into a table.

All rear windows (except for the only that the sliding door covers when open) can be cracked open for added airflow.

Dual AC (bar over the front seats had its own blower settings for the AC, plus a power button for the second and very large sun roof), lots of cubby spaces, cup holders, etc.

You can buy curtain kits for these. I have seen them with a pop top roof and/or camperized like a VW Westy, while still keeping it a 5 passenger van, brilliant!

I wish Honda would start selling this vehicle here. Everyone who sees it (especially Odyssey drivers) love it at first sight.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2012